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There are website companies that are continuing to help me produce high quality product 24/7 for you and I want to introduce you to them on this page.

I began with a free WordPress. The Theme 2011 is what I use here. It gives a clear and clean look, the picture header changes in rotation without any programming on my part. Under the picture are links for Pages. They are similar to Posts. I just used Pages to give you an easy to get to articles so you don’t feel you have to scroll down to get to my postings. There are navigation links to the side bar at right. You can’t get to these unless you actually go to the home page. To get to the home page you must type in the URL: Then go to the side bar at far right. Here there are very defined navigation to get you to all what the site has to offer: They are:
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You may also download a PDF file, it is easier visually to look at a diagram:

Visual Help for Navigation Links: Here’s a pdf document to see the Navigation Links:

The only way to get to the Navigation Links above is to go to the Home Page

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First of all, you must already know the valuable final product (VFP) you are trying to bring to your audience. I can recommend a couple of courses you need to take if you need guidance on this topic.

Once you already know your VFP, then begin from an inspired state of mind and the rest will be easy. I will begin at the very beginning to get you started.

I will be building a list of internet companies that are helping with all my blogs and I will be posting them all here.

If your audience is the Internet then follow the steps below:

1) You will need a domain name and a website hosting company to get started.

I used GoDaddy for my domain name and website hosting company. They have great technical support and the price is affordable

here’s the link for them.

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

or this link:

Tackle the Web with up to 5 new .COMs, $5.99 for the 1st year!

2) I also use Hostgator – they specifically have the WordPress Blog support and though they are not experts in WordPress it is much easier for you to get started with them. Here’s the link below:


3) For Bloggers who want a web form on your WordPress blog, you may want to use  AWeber’s app to invite your readers to subscribe.  Here’s a link for them:

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