Patience, busyness, desires, seeking, and doingness

It came to me again. I patiently waited for the manifestations of my desires. It came to me that it would be really nice if my desires should flow to me as the steward of this abundance that I may access it freely and give to those who need and desire it.  It would be really nice and so here’s my new desire for the Universe, the Invisible Force that permeates throughout the Cosmos. This same Invisible Force beats your heart and mine.  It would be really nice to provide Joyful experiences to planet Earth so that the people may know what they want to know and know what they don’t want.

Today I met with two business colleagues regarding the New Orleans project.  Many questions were asked as the do-ability and reality of this project.  No one wants to be the pioneer.  Many questions were asked as who deserves what. Who controls which and why. Downtown New Orleans still has many activities, downtown is still alive, the Superdome is still being used.  I will be going there to meet with people.

The Universe has the answers to all our questions.  The Universe reveals to us the solutions for the fruition of any project or endeavor. The exact amount of funding will be provided. The right people will show up. The Universe will provide at the right time, at the right place with just the right people when everyone is harmoniously align with their true Source and that the only thing we need to correct is our feeling of separation from our Source.

There was much to do and many activities to participate in today.  A friend and I went to the Baltimore Comedy Central and we had plenty of laugh and laughter.

There was a listing agreement to complete, confidentiality agreement to prepare, study for the DC broker’s license exam, pick up my daughter from a friend’s house, take the other to the Orthodontist, go to the Org, meet with friends at the Hyatt, meet with more people at the Business Expansion Club, etc.

It is a beautiful day and there’s much to accomplish.

Then I realized something, I am bewildered, the vibrational frequency of patience might be similar to tolerating, I thought … not a vibration you want to be in. I wonder what Abraham Hicks would say.  I must learn to replace patience with “it is already here” ..

I am not seeking because I know, I will not strive or strain because I am guided .. This is the Universal Mind.


I give and receive – then allow, be the deliberate Creator

I live in Joy. I give and receive.  It is a Universal Law that as you are giving you are already receiving.

I allow, I let things flow to me and through me. I connect to the Power of Intention.  I am disciplined (I practice)  I am wisdom (I seek).  I Surrender without attachment to the goal.

I am happy.

I find the thoughts of relief, and to another thought of good and greater relief one feeling of good and greater feeling, one feeling at a time that makes me feel just a little better, and just a little more better, until I am at the highest vibrational frequency of Joy and Love and Appreciation. When you are angry you cannot think of thoughts of Love, the disparity of the vibrational frequency of anger and the vibrational frequency of love is much too great, too far apart. From anger you must get to the feelings of discouragement, then blame, then worry, to doubt, disappointment, “overwhelment,” frustration, pessimism, boredom, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation/belief, then to enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, passion, then to the highest level of vibrational frequency of Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation. Your emotions are indicators of your vibrational frequency.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe!

If you would like to know more about the Emotional Guidance System or the Tone Scale, please email me at

It is almost 4am in the morning and I will complete the explanation of the Emotional Guidance System at another writing as there are more to this than I expressed above. Needless to say, I have to add that, your emotions are good, they indicate whether you are in alignment with your Source, and how far you are in alignment in how the Source sees you, whole and perfect. The other way of saying it is – your emotions tell you that you are not seeing yourself as the Source sees you, so rejoice in your emotions, it indicates that it is time to get back to the emotion and feeling of Love, Joy, Appreciation …..