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To My Subscribers and Followers:

My gratitude to you, my readers, subscribers, and followers of my blog for bringing me to this point – one step closer to aligning with my true purpose, and that is to inspire, to create, and to co-create with those of you who are in alignment with my purpose, to truly experiencing a life of wonderment, true peace, and unspeakable Joy.

I am receiving hundreds of comments and requests every day now since January. I will not be able to thank you individually and I am taking this time to let you know my heartfelt gratitude personally for your respect and eagerness to learn more and more about who you truly are. I appreciate you. You are whole and perfect, strong and powerful, abundant and prosperous, loving and beloved, harmonious, at peace and so very, very happy.

Thank you for your very inspiring comments, unending encouragement, and emotional support to continue writing. I am grateful. I am posting about 1 – 2 articles for you a week as the inspiration comes, each article takes about 8-12 hours to write (from a transcendent state), compose, editing and more editing, add HTML codes, then finally posts and give you the Valuable Final Product (VFP).

In this 3-dimensional Universe, I am reflecting back to you what you are thinking, desiring, and wanting. The articles are a reflection of your desires for a more harmonious living and the simple action steps to attain joy, peace, love, understanding, perfect health, abundance, and glorious relationships of your choosing. I say “We are all Deliberate Creators”. We are creating all the time. Now you want to be able to design your life your own way. A desire for a higher awareness of your Being has begun and this heightened awareness causes you to want more and that is very very good. Always remembering that you are the creator, and only you can make the choice to Be. Read on and focus only on what is good for you as you glean through the different articles and the ones that are not in alignment with you will just fall away. Attention is everything. Focus only on what you want. Where your attention is, that is what you are getting. Deliberately create your life. No one is here to drive anything home or force anything to happen for you. Life is suppose to be easy. Be present at all times. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, today is all you have. Let no one choose for you. You are the One you have been waiting for.


Humanity has awakened to it’s awareness of pure consciousness state of Being. How to get there from this culture of mind-full-ness to enlightenment – the first step is lit with your desires, the second step is for you to take — follow your heart, follow your calling. Catherine Fleishman

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Word Clearing:

Mind-full-ness: (a take on the word mindfulness) Here I mean the busy mind. Thinking, thinking, constantly thinking mind. We are suppose to be thinking all the time, planning, categorizing, naming, labeling, setting goals, judging, we keep a score card. We believe we are mind attach to a body. We have picked up belief systems from our well meaning relatives and Earth friends. Most of these belief systems no longer serve us. Some have a paralyzing effect, some have protected us from danger, some have served us very well. But our mind is busy.

My commentary:

It is late fall. My friend and I spent early Sunday morning before church to walk in the woods surrounded by a beautiful lake. It was one of my wishes as I have not visited this lake before, so I feel very exhilarated for the newness of the experience we were about to embark and for his thoughtfulness to grant my wish, without letting me know his plans. It was a 2-hour walk. If you’ve ever experience a 2-hour walk with nature you will find your mind quieting down and you become the observer. We saw trees that have been chewed by beavers, accurately, sharply, intently chopped or munched around the bottom of the trunk, some trees ready to topple down. We continued to walk and I started to get playful with my thoughts. I figured it was the work of more than one beaver, maybe two, or three, or more. By the look of the many chiseled trees, there may be an underwater village of beavers. Those happy beavers! I chuckled to myself. If I was a beaver, I know I would be. They must be in water heaven. I imagined and heard them talking to each other as they chomped, saying to each other, “Yummm, my teeth is sharp, buddy, how about yours?” The other one responded, “Come around on this side and see the beauty of my work!” “Do you want to finish this one today or go the next tree?” The other group of beavers shouted “Timber!”

It was so fascinating because the tree looked like the work of two strong and burly lumberjacks, alternately, with their sharp ax whittled the trunk to topple it down. So very fascinating! My friend was admiring the work these creatures as well. to me anyway. It was a thought, without any score card attached to it. Just a passing thought. I am still chuckling to myself, fascinated as to what my mind is doing. As if my mind became suddenly sharp and clear, my senses pure, my body lighter. I was happy coming here, now I am beyond happy.

We continued our adventure. I was eager for more. I looked up and whispered “thank you” looking up to a Higher being. A habit I picked up from my friend. Then we walked and walked through the woods as we followed the path to loop around the lake. My mind had become quiet. I was no longer imagining, nor thinking. Time passed and we were not aware. Other people walked around us to pass us. We were not walking to exercise but it was a good walk. The quieting of the mind brought us an inner awareness.

I saw the swirling leaves of oranges and browns, muted reds and yellows, floating upwards carried off by the gentle wind. Soon we could hear the soft wind against the trees. We could hear the call of the birds, the gentle breeze across the top of the water; I heard the rustling of our feet as we walked through fallen leaves. Then I could feel the roots of the trees against the bottom of my tennis shoes. I saw my friend hugging a tree and rubbing his hands on the bark of the trunk, his face illuminated by the rising Sun. I wanted to follow suit, delayed by a thought. The big blue above is now closer in sight. A small thought bubble, floated by “Is it me thinking this? I could touch the sky!”

I rubbed the tree trunk and looked at the bark closely, it looked like patterns of miniatures ancient statues side-by-side, forming a pattern, “hmmm” (I heard me say that, but I didn’t say it), – correction, patterns of a language, letters, symbols, and the like – – the symbols are communicating to each other or communicating to something. I watch the thought pass, I did not pursue it. But definitely the bark created a pattern of language. There were no words spoken between us for a time, I don’t remember how long. Then a distinct sound had broken through our silence against the backdrop of a stronger wind as we come to half-a-loop around the bend. My friend signaled to halt and listen, he may have put his fingers on his lip to signal me to stay quiet, I don’t remember, but he communicated something to me and I understood. It was the sound of the woodpecker drumming. At that moment, I finally remembered, I knew, I remember now, it was the same feeling when I am by the ocean watching the waves. We had reached a heightened awareness, not many people would experience. We were no longer thinking. We have become the observer. There was me, the body, and there was Me, the Observer.

Have you ever heard a woodpecker do its pecking (drumming) masterfully? Well you ask, “What does masterfully sounds like?” “How can you tell?” Well my answer, “animals don’t know any difference, there is none. They all are, masters at who they are.”

Did you know that there are many different kinds of woodpeckers and their drumming vary in speed and pitch? Have you taken time to truly hear and be absorbed in the act of listening? Really listen. Your mind will become quiet. Your mind will stop thinking for a moment, then many minutes will pass, then time becomes of no consideration. Practice being present and the mind will quietened. Have you ever heard the call of your Being? Listen. Observe. Let your mind quiet down and you will reach a level of awareness where you can be the Eternal You. It is possible and it is attainable.

Here’s a link on woodpeckers drumming:

Exercises to Practice Listening:

A thought came to mind while typing this.

I visited my kickboxing coach while he was vacationing in Cape Hatteras one year. I wanted to teach kickboxing one year. I pursued a kickboxing coach. I went to DC one muggy summer night, by myself, to watch a semi-professional boxing fight. I figured if I was going to find a coach I would find him there. I was determined to find a coach. I went downstairs below the boxing stage to see the other fighters practicing, no one stopped me, they were too busy to worry about this little woman. I got to freely walk about and observe the fighters, the coaches and the how they were training. I locked my eyes on one coach. He kicked his leg without effort like he was slicing butter with his leg and his foot ended up at his boxer’s cheek bone, so shave close, you could hear the hair on the boxer’s cheek cower. He was the One. I was catapulted into the air by my excitement, (well not literally) but my eyes did bug out. I took a big breath in. I waited and tempered my elation. It was time for his guy now to go up and fight. I got his attention briefly, making myself small, as I felt uncomfortable with all the male energy around me. Thank God, I did not wear my 4-inch high heels and red leather mini-skirt and matching red leather jacket. I introduced myself, hurriedly, told him my name, he repeated it, and he told me his name, I wrote it down, (I had a shoulder bag with enough room for a pen and a small notepad, Yes!). “Alan,” he said he could not talk then but gave me his gym’s name in Prince George’s County. I wrote it down, would not remember the name if I didn’t, too excited to memorize anything now. I followed behind them, feeling a bit better than I belonged, as now I got to talk to a coach and I am trailing behind him, so I had the courage to stay and watch the fight. I booked outta’ there as fast as I could, holding my heart with one hand, so it wouldn’t fall off, as I am too excited.

The following week I visited his boxing gym. I knocked on the small window and asked for him. The person behind the barred small window, directed me to walk around his cubby hole, (more like a cage) and pointed me to the locker room. I found Alan’s corner, he was not there, but there was a big note posted on the cork board. It said I am at the Outer Banks, in Cape Hatteras, his address there was listed, and said if you want to stop by and visit, feel free, call ahead of time. They were staying in one house one week and moving to another house for the second week. I was there on Saturday morning and it looked like they would be moving to the next house the following day.

I hurried home. I packed my kids and husband and I said we are invited to go to Cape Hatteras for the week. My husband asked, “Who invited us?” I said, “My coach,” (not really yet, but my coach to be). Cape Hatteras was dark, not a single light bulb exists, as if I was in pre-Thomas Edison era. On an aside the first electric light bulb was invented in 1809. Seventy years later (1879) Edison discovered that a carbon filament in an oxygen-free bulb glowed but did not burn up for 40 hours. Edison eventually produced a bulb that could glow for over 1500 hours. The island looked liked there was a black out, not even the light house was lit. There was no reason that Thomas Edison’s light bulb should be outlawed in the islands. We got there about 3 am in the morning. No GPS works here either and no cell phone alive. Cape Hatteras is nowhere on the map, in a remote Island surrounded by water. I know that was the definition of an island, I was making a point here. We got a map, we got directions before driving, but you couldn’t read the street names. We had to turn at every street close to where we think the house is so an hour later we found the house. I courageously knocked on the door. (I had a 4-month old baby and a one-half year old toddler in the car waiting and a puzzled husband). A woman answered through a window and asked who I was. I said, “It’s Cathy, tell Alan, I met him at the fight, and I saw his note, and I am here to visit.” I heard the woman yell my name, and someone answered back, “Who?” I repeated myself; “we met at the fight a week ago.” “Oh”, he said, “Okay, let her in.” I half hollered, muffling my voice, “I brought my 2 daughters and my husband, they are waiting in the car” he mumbled back, “huh, okay, okay, fine, fine, let them in.” I could imagine his half opened eyes, making sense of what is going on in the wee hours of the morning. His wife showed us an empty room and we slept happily ever after, until the following morning.

Alan and his wife were very hospitable, generous, and kind. We helped them move to the next vacation house, we followed them there and spent two days with my new coach. He agreed to train me. He was the United States Olympic Kickboxing coach. My husband was introduced wind surfing. Our babies helped Alan complete a 1000-piece puzzle. And we went home. This story was now on paper because I wanted to give you an exercise for quieting the mind and learn or experience to be fully-present.

Exercises: – Practice Observing:

I see the blue peaks of the ocean creating a lively line dance across the top of the waters at Cape Hatteras with the colorful sails of the boats carried by the wind across the landscape of my window through a pair of binoculars. The dark skin of the wind surfers glistening as the Sun rays bounces off their moist skin.

Just below the window, I could see my husband now beginning to learn to stand and hold the sail up after falling hundreds of times. The little one crawling back and forth looking at the same scene I was observing. I watched my year-and-half old, with her tiny delicate fingers, matching the small tiny puzzle pieces just the right size for her. I noticed her intently, meticulously move the pieces about. She was having no anxiety over the 1000 pieces in front of her. The activity was neither big nor small, easy or difficult, she was absorbed, time was not in her mind. I gave her no instructions or prodding. I let her be. She’s (still) a genius, pure positive energy – without adults protecting her from any disappointments-of not being good or old enough to complete the puzzle. Alan taught her to find the pieces that had the straight edges first, for the borders. He said those were the key pieces to isolate to one side. And once she found those she could now begin piecing the frame of the picture. She found most of them. Both girls were quiet; they were caught up in their activity, like me. I stayed present as I continued to watch the scenery in front of me, my binoculars moving across horizontally, effortless, to view the lines of boats and the colorful displays of sails blown by the wind, aware of the two girls, and his wife, in the kitchen, preparing lunch. I repeat the process, of observation, now my mind quiet, I have become the Observer. I was not moving the binoculars horizontally anymore, the activities had become a motionless symphony. Time stood still. My mind – still. My thoughts, which thoughts? I asked myself. No answer came. I was happy and content.

More mind exercises came to mind such as watching a soccer game and seeing through the eyes of a 4-year old barely 2 1/2 feet in height. Through his eyes, he could see running feet, black cleats, white socks, green and white striped pants, up, down, over and over, legs moving back and forth and side to side, the dance of the soccer players, the bodies sweeping forward and back across the field in unison. A great dance to observe, especially for an adult, seeing through the innocent eyes of a young boy of pure consciousness.

I will add more life to this in another writing. There’s much more to share with you. My heart is full of Joy. It is 3 am and I would like to post this article before the morning sun rises to make another glorious Sunrise. When you wake up, it is Today, that is the only time we have, Today, here in the East Coast.

I wish you all the best of everything. Love one another in a sacred way in the celebration of life. You are on holy ground. You are Beloved, Observer. Be present. Observe. Nothing more than that and that is all there is to that.

To be continued…

Love Live, Live Love.



We have come to identify with time and mind. We are the thinking mind and we are because we are tied to time, who would we be if we disregard time? We have a past to live up to. We have war to prepare for and battles to win. So we need time. Our ego says so. Our ego protects us from mind and time. Ego feels our survival depends on time and mind. And so we ego our way into existence or was it that Ego wants to ensure it’s own survival. Without time and mind, Ego cannot exist. But there is always an inner calling, a tug, sometimes faint, sometimes too fast of a feeling to even know. Just one of those things, we dismiss it. We are too busy in our mind-full-ness to be aware or reflect. Every single minute of our working hour counts to meeting deadlines. And we do it again and yet again. Have you ever heard your calling? Have you ever stopped to hear the call? Your Eternal call? Yes? No?

There is a gap between our thinking. Silence ushers in the gap. The longer the silence, the wider the gap. The reason your calling is a fleeting feeling because the gap is too narrow. The gap is the doorway to your Being. Stop to listen. Widen the gap. Observe the flag on the rooftop blown by the wind. Observe the symphony of the grass bend without resisting the wind. Observe the wheels of a bicycle going around and around. Nature has a pattern, a repeating pattern. Observe the Sun and the Moon arrive at the same height on the horizon opposite each other. Be the Observer. Be totally Present and you will experience Being. Catherine Fleishman

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Are you a deliberate Creator?

Hello Again,
I wrote this in September of 2010. I thought I would share it with you. Please enjoy. Savor your moments.

Be the Experiencer, Be the Flow-er of Energy, Personal Declarations of a Life of Bliss and Peace

I awakened from a blissful slumber. The night before I spoke with my Source as I always do every night before sleeping.

I posed many questions. What is my purpose? Why did I choose to project myself into this physical world?

This blue planet seemed to have attracted many more like me.

Do we have to go through life to experience contrast?
Why do we have to experience turmoil, physical, and emotional pain?
How come we did not stay on course? Why didn’t I stay on course?

I know and understood now that I wanted to experience unspeakable Joy!

What is it that attracted me to be me, Catherine, to be born to my chosen mother and father, and why the Philippines, why not Finland?

Will I know the answers to these questions before I decide to leave this life I chose?

Will I finish this life and complete my purpose, to complete the desire that is strong enough of a desire that I projected myself into this physical body?

Was I at all worried or concern that I cannot go back to pure positive energy where I came from, Eternal.

Why am I here? How do I stay on course? How do I stay blissful when there’s so much to do and accomplish, goals to meet, and there’s many distractions?

And why did I choose to forget previous lives and to promise myself to live in just these short moments without attachment to the past?

(See My commentary below)

What I expect is already here.

Built in all of my perceived problems are the solutions ready for me to tap into. For in the middle of chaos is an underlying orderliness, the solution is already here.

When I live in the Infinite I sense and live peace, because I know things are in their right places. I already created them. I need to live fully knowing what I want is already here.

Staying in the infinite supply, staying in harmony with the Source, there’s this infinite supply to partner with – it will work for me and with me.

I have it in my thoughts, I have it in my feelings, in my words and actions, I stay with it.

In between living to know the answers to questions, loving and living, knowing I am Infinite and everywhere, my life moves, constantly changing, and from an Infinite observer’s vantage point, my problems, questions, concerns, perceived lack, anxiety, struggles, all are a part of this world of change, they all blend into an eternal journey, of bliss, of ease, of unsettling feelings, of something is not right and then the storm passes, the sky is clear.

And thank goodness, because we want balance and harmony, because we ask, because we focus, we create the answers to our questions. We are all eternal creators of our own experiences. What we focus on, we get.

Much like a storm never goes on forever; it always has an ending and a beginning. The storms in your life will pass, rest assured of that.

I find the feeling place, If I am not here to earn or to prove myself right, then I must be the worthy receiver of “All That Is”.

I love the feeling of eagerness for the impending desire of meeting my soul mate and then with a blink of an eye, in an instant second, he is in front of me. Time does not exist. That is how we create; our focus brings about our reality.

I love my life.

I love the eagerness for the exciting feeling of abundance flowing to me.

I love my experiences, experiences of passion, of purpose, of my intention to flow energy to all I touch and to all that makes me happy and blissful.

Experiences of Joy flow to me.

I love the exhilaration – It is going to feel good to eat delicious food. It is gonna feel good to meet new people.

I love the feeling of good companion, good sights, great lovemaking while listening to the pitter patter of the rain against the rooftop.

I love it.

The deliberate creation of it excites me.

Aligning to it is exhilarating. I feel the vibrant passion rising within me.

My skin is warmly radiantly experiencing the desires that flow out from me. It is exhilarating.

My heart is full, it cannot be filled anymore. One of the teachings of the Tao, is “when the cup is full, you stop pouring.”

It is as simple as that.

I feel the passion I have for life and living.

Life is delicious. I embrace the passionate Joy of life.

I am, You adore me.

I am Valuable, I am Worthy,

I am a Flower, (Flow-er)

I am an Allower,

I am a Lover,

I am a Selective Sifter.

Reality is what I create, not what others say it is. “Look Cathy”, they say, “you gotta face reality, it cannot be because there is this report, look at the numbers, it is all over Radio and TV, the Internet gurus, says it cannot be,” and I say, “that is their truth, I agree, it is their truth, their very own reality” because they and others have focused their energy to create that which is reflected on the evidence they presented. And so I sift through many realities, and I choose, I create that which is my reality. My reality is:

I flow energy,

I direct energy and guide the energy to my desires.

Desires that keep expanding and flowing from me.

I am Happy.

I am a Happy Receiver.

I am exhilarated every single moment.

My heart fills easily with Joy.

And I direct that Joy to others,

Because I am a Focuser,

I am a deliberate Focuser of energy.

I Allow, I Receive, I am Blissful.

I am Love.

My commentary:

This particular piece of writing which includes declarations freeing me from getting caught up with thoughts and questions that spiral downward to nowhere but apathy, if not stopped, was inspired from a feeling of uneasiness and mis-alignment to my true desire to pursue a peaceful and harmonious living. On the way to that pursuit, barriers appear before me, the only way out of it is through it.

Fully knowing that we create by thinking it first, the only way out of it is to change the thoughts weighing us down and replace it with the thoughts we are wanting. The declarations above which begin with “I am” will serve as the thought, the self-inner talk, and replace old thoughts and habits that do not serve you in the long run. Above all our desires is the desire to feel good when we have it.

Speaking from our three-dimensional reality, two objects cannot occupy the same space, (one can be on top, beside it, on either side, or under it) but not the same space. Two different opposing thoughts cannot occupy the same space in your mind. You cannot think health and reap sickness, you cannot think strong and come out weak, you cannot smile and be angry too at the same time, try this, frown and smile, at the same time. It is out of alignment with Universal Truth. The truth is what you focus on you create. And how do you know what you are thinking?

You are experiencing them all, they appear in your life at some point in your life. If you like what you are living then keep thinking them. But if you do not, you have a choice; change what you are thinking to thoughts that are in alignment with what you desire at the present time, because it is now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow, because life is now, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here. Abraham Hicks calls this state of deliberate creating, the leading edge of thought. Your power to create your future experiences is now.

This reminds me of when I teach Yoga. Inspired by the message from Kahlil Gibran (see excerpt below, I always include the bow and arrow pose, which is executed from the Warrior 2 pose (Virabhadrasana 2) with your right leg forward at 90 degree angle, lunging forward and with thumbs up, you imagine an arrow appearing at your left, stringing the arrow to its bow at right hand, feeling the strength of the string and releasing it, the arrow goes swift and far, which I say, “a symbolic act of sending Yoga practitioners into the future taking with them glad tidings and the message of peace, love, and respect for all living things. From this pose, you are sending this generation and our future generations to a life of bliss. We create our life today.

Here’s a message from Kahlil Gibran:

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness, for even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Your power to create, your future is now. Do you listen to your self- talk. What thoughts are more predominant – positive-negative, allowing-resistance, confusion-clarity, thought-counter-thought, intention-counter-intention. So what is you reality? Are your experiences the balance of your thoughts. Your power to create your future is now.

Now that I am on the subject of future generations, it reminds me our children.

Why do children seem to flow without concept of time?

Children are great examples of Law of Attraction practitioners.
I have two truly beautiful daughters. The younger one, at age 5, chose to be a competitive cheerleader rather than a gymnast. She used to cut out pictures of dogs and cell phones. She competes around the East Coast and so she is always in a crowd in huge auditoriums where her team competes. This small 5-year old body among thousands of people in this competition venue makes me a bit uneasy but I was an athlete, and once an athlete, always an athlete. It is in the blood and there’s no resisting it. She will find a way to compete and project her body into space for the exhilaration of it. I was a cheer Mom for 5 years so we travel a lot to many places. She really wanted a cell phone. Her explanation is that “Mom, I know how to take care of it (she has observed me take care of my cell phone and charging it) plus, she added, “You can always find me in the crowd. You can always call me to make sure I am okay.” I’m sold, I can feel my heart melting, giving in. She cut out pictures of cell phones, pasted it on a poster board, on the refrigerator door, on her bedroom door, on her backpack. So whenever I move around in the house, it is plainly visible to me. She is not bothered by the fact that she is only 5, and adults just don’t trust children to carry cell phones and along with that comes a monthly bill. What would my mother-in-law think about what kind of mother I am. I gave it to her anyway because it feels right, and I gave her my trust. She proved herself capable and the cell phone did gave me a bit of security. By the way, to get trust, you must give trust.

My daughter had no reservation (or guilt or counter-thought is a better description) about making known what she wants. Is it because, to them life is like a game and we have been de-genuisized, thinking life is suppose to be serious. Life is a game consisting of freedoms, purposes, and barriers. We agree to play it, we live it, and we create the game, we create the rules, and we decide which game to play and who the players are.

Children are born geniuses, they are born causative, they make things happen, because they are in it to play a game, they are never the effect. Until, the adults, well-meaning in intention, kept insisting they face reality, — their dreams are never going to come true, what they want they won’t get, and just keep wishing, there will be always a barrier, and there will be disappointments along the way. We protect them from our own experiences and disappointments.

So we don’t project ourselves to live an exhilarating life. Did you agree or did you not agree? Do you point the finger and do you blame someone else for your predicament?

Everything is an agreement. You choose to agree or disagree, nevertheless, it is an agreement. Choose no, choose yes, in the end of it all, you choose.

Our Universe expands all the time and we create that expansion. When we say we are not going anywhere, I will stay right here, I won’t change, I won’t desire, I won’t want, we are actually going against nature, we are really sliding backwards, slowly, the change is gradual and we become unaware.

The truth is we are an ever expanding consciousness, just like our ever expanding Universe.

Do you want to be caught up thinking that you get up every morning to complete something? Or to fix a broken world or a dying Planet?

I am not saying, keep a blind eye and turn your head in another direction. Do what you must. You are the creator of your life. You are either doing it by default or you are deliberately focusing your life.

Our planet will take care of itself; it will evolve on its own time. As for completing something, on your way to completing a task, a new desire is born from you to begin again, to try something new, to experience the next exhilarating desire rising from within you. Yes, it might seemed you need to complete a project, because you don’t want anything that has not gone through to its finality, else it haunts you later, but life is a beginning and an ending, an ending signals a beginning. Where does ending and beginning and beginning and ending start and end in this circle of creation? The only thing for sure is that we are ever changing and we are ever wanting, we are ever expanding. We are Eternal.

The purpose of life is Joy, the basis of life is Freedom, and the goal of life is Expansion. This is life, this is bliss.

I wish you All Health, All Wealth and All Love.

May all your desires be spontaneously and your wishes instantly fulfilled in this lifetime!

Love Live, Live Love


I recommend two great books to read:

Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

To receive a pdf copy of these books, email me or send me a reply or they are all downloadable at my Meetup group at
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Khalil; born Gubran Khalil Gubran, January 6, 1883 – April 10, 1931) also known as Kahlil Gibran, was a Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer. Born in the town of Bsharri in modern-day Lebanon (then part of the Ottoman Mount Lebanon mutasarrifate), as a young man he emigrated with his family to the United States where he studied art and began his literary career. He is chiefly known in the English speaking world for his 1923 book The Prophet, an early example of inspirational fiction including a series of philosophical essays written in poetic English prose. The book sold well despite a cool critical reception, and became extremely popular in the 1960s counterculture. Gibran is the third best-selling poet of all time, behind Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu.

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