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Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration in 2012 and Beyond

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

If you are a follower and subscriber of my blog, Follow Catherine, Your Source of Inspiration in 2012 and Beyond, you would have noticed that I talk about the Law of Attraction (some call The Secret) Transcendental Meditation, Quantum Physics, Unified Field, the Zero Field, Consciousness, Subconscious Mind, Declarations and many other topics. The articles are stories about my real experiences, some my imaginations, visualizations, declarations, and affirmations and how I weave them into my daily reality. The experiences I share with you have been a study in love for I love the exhilaration of living in this wonderful Universe.

I also interspersed the words you, my, your, our, in my writings because we are all one. When I speak, it is as if I am speaking for you and for me. As I am writing to you, I also am reflecting my connection to you and that my stories came about into this physical existence at this time because I am able to vocalize and put on paper, what it is that many of us have been wondering for awhile, and I am paving the way for more awareness. There is a wave of spirituality sweeping our planet and a desire for a higher awareness within all of us than what our media and our well-meaning family and Earth friends are telling us. I heard it said that we are being dumb-downed, a great description actually, but we are deliberate creators and what you focus on, you will receive and become your reality. So these articles and stories have been your creation and mine. Let’s enjoy this journey into our already awakened state of being.

This all adds up to a life of our own deliberate creation allowing you to explore life in this physical time space we call reality in this blue planet we call Earth. Most of us accept reality by default, we watch TV, we focus on it, and that becomes our life, our reality. We believe that what we see, touch, feel, hear and smell is reality, and we accept this reality. All I am saying is that there is a different life which you are the defining actor in a defining moment, on a defining stage, you create all that you experience, we are not used to questioning, Is this all there is? You have enough power to kick enough dirt here on Earth and send it flying into space and for that matter have it land on top of the Moon just by your focus and attention, it is the mind and our focus that creates for us. Our connection to the invisible force that aligns the planets is the same invisible force that beat your hearts and mine called intent (I also choose the word attention or focused attention) to describe this creative power that we are all connected to, we are one collective consciousness, and we create what we are experiencing just by our mere focus
to that empty space we describe as ether. Below this article are two videos by Deepak Chopra and John Hagelin, Ph.D. on Consciousness to give you a brief description, remembering, that this is a huge body of knowledge, and we are just touching the surface.

Recommended Evening Practice

Every night before sleeping when I am in between slumber and sleeping, I pose a question to the Universe. How do I solve this problem (replace with whatever your situation is or whatever is bothering you that you cannot solve or find a relief or closure to your dilemma)?

The following morning, I listen for the first thought in my mind. It is a very still voice, almost as if someone else is talking to me but the words and voice is coming from my mind and body. It is a clear thought, sometimes faint and sometimes loud but it is not your ordinary self-talk of thinking-thinking state of non-stop self inner talk described in the East as “busy mind”. The words you will hear are related to the question that you posed the night before, complete and concise (to the point) and not a long-winded thought. Many times I would not write it down thinking I will remember because it is so simple, so obvious, so short of an answer, but really clear and understandable and then as the morning goes by the thought or words would escape me. So I learned my lesson. The power of the thought diminishes as your mind gets to the thinking-thinking state of “I gotta get dressed for work, I feel like I have a sore throat, traffic is building, gotta pick up dry cleaning, stop to get gasoline, long line at Starbucks, wishing they had someone taking my coffee order by the curb, I don’t have to find parking, it’s raining, my hair would get wet, and I hate my job, etc.” Of course, I don’t give up, get mad at myself, or get disappointed. I continue with my day, staying in the present moment, staying positive, upbeat, full of hope, expecting what I want is already on its way. In the East they say, “chop wood, carry water,” you are at all times chopping wood, carrying water, because we live in the physical time and space, we continue to do this, go to work, do our best, pay our bills, pick up our children from the babysitter, pick up food and laundry, etc. By the way, there’s a lot of truth to this. You become absorb with what you are doing, when you chop wood, carry water, time goes by faster, and your heart is happier. So “chop wood, carry water” during the day, continue to contribute to mankind’s well-being and yours. Before you go to bed, practice your attention to receiving enlightenment the following morning and be ready to receive it, listened for that clear voice coming from you.

This does not happen overnight. It will take consistent non-stop practice every single night for many days, even many months. But when you get to the point that the practice is almost a habit like brushing your teeth, whooaah! it will knock your socks off.

Now that I am monitoring all of your comments, optimizing the website, and responding to any special request from subscribers and followers, during evening hours, I find myself so sleepy and tired and I would go to bed and fall right to sleep. I would forget the practice of talking to my Universe and posing a question, a question that I would like the answer from the Universe, rather than just from my own thinking or from someone’s opinion just so I can look at it from a different angle. I tell you, it is so much better to have a quiet mind and let your quiet mind reveal to you the answers. There will be no counter-thought and no counter-intention and everything will go smoothly as it was revealed to you. I would, of course, go right back into the practice as soon as I remember. Since I have experienced this conversation with my higher self and me, many times, I do not have the inner self-talk of “will I be able to do this again?” “Why did I stay up all night?” No, I stay present. Last night is not today, the only time is now and why would I go worrying about last night and resist time, it is now. So I stay present, in the now. I don’t resist now. My power is now. I shape my life now. I create now.

Remember, this stuff in our physical world, in quantum physics, is non-stuff, what we think as solids (meaning it has shape and form, you can touch and feel it, see it in physical form) are not solids at all. They only become solids showing up in our life, because we put our attention on it. Attention is everything. Nothing exists in our Universe without someone’s attention on it. Every invention has an inventor who focused on it and created it out of his or her mind. I can also say we are all inventors; we invent things, good or bad, all the time, with our mind. How do you know what you are inventing, you are experiencing them all, sooner or later. Remember to focus only on what you want. The Universe does not understand the words don’t or no. Only what you focus on is what will manifest in your life. So when you say, I don’t want a red car, red cars will keep showing up in your life because you focused on it. You get what you focus on. If you want a black car, think of black cars only.

What I described in the very beginning of this article that you would practice posing a question to the Universe as you are dozing off to sleep (slumber) is the same mechanism. You are creating them whatever it is you want to exist in your life by focusing on it before sleeping. While you are sleeping your body goes into a rest mode. When you wake up, whatever you focused on before going to bed the night before is what you will continue when you awaken. So think what it is you want the night before so that you do not have any competing topics when you wake up the following morning.

The practice is done in the midst of dozing off and not before because you are less conscious or less ruled by your mind, your logical mind. When you are dozing off is when your logical mind is out of the way and the subconscious mind, the mind that is not time-bound, (meaning it does not know it is Sunday and what time it is), is able to communicate to your higher consciousness what it is you want to know. The logical mind that thinks -you are crazy, – what do you think you are doing, – that does not make any sense, is falling asleep, out of the way, and now your mind is quiet. Your subconscious mind will now be able to deliver your message to your higher self fairly easily.

When you awaken, here are the Affirmations for Wealth and Success I’ve compiled for you to continue your deliberate creation. Read the affirmations below first to make sure it is in alignment with your intent. Then make it your own if you agree. You are responsible for your creation and no one else is creating for you, because you have your own mind which you own and can control. I and on the other hand, is just the messenger.

My Affirmations (Declarations) for Wealth and Success

My subconscious mind is a bank.

Every morning as I awaken I deposit thoughts of prosperity, success, wealth and peace in my subconscious mind.

I do the things I love to do and I do it for the joy and thrill of it.

I grow, learn, and reap the very best everyday by building in my mentality a wealth consciousness, ideas of wealth and abundance.

Wealth and Success represent the inner power of my subconscious mind.

The thoughts of wealth produce the feeling of wealth, so wealth is the only outcome.

Once I replaced the thoughts of when and how it is arriving in my life, abundance pour.

Abundance of love, pleasure, bliss, wealth, $dollars, success, prosperity, becomes my reality.

The only thing I need to be aware of is the feeling of its essence.

By day and by night I am being prospered in all my interests and activities.

My sales are improving every day.

I am happy at my job.

I am contributing in many wonderful ways to my community.

My children are doing well in school.

My spouse is supporting me in all that I do.

My commentary:

• You may add more of your desires here.
• Write it in present tense and it is already happening.
• You are no longer asking, so stop wanting. The Universe will just keep giving you more wanting.
• So remove any affirmations with the words “I want.” Instead say, I have, or I am.
• Write down one topic at a time and one characteristics of that topic. Do not mix your statements.
• For example, I am happy at my job and I am having a wonderful time spending a special evening with my spouse. Write this in 2 lines, separate sentences.
• Another example would be I have a pair of Michael Kors boots and a matching purse.
• Say instead I have a pair Michael Kors boots.
I have a purse to match the boots. (separate the sentences, use separate lines).

You may be asking, “But Catherine, how specific can I get?” I would like to answer this in another article, as it is another huge body of knowledge to cover. Stick to the affirmations and I will cover all the stuff that we all want at another writing in the near future. I used the example about stuff that we want because it is easier to show to make a differentiation of how to write a good affirmation.

Reading List:

I compiled most of the above affirmations from “Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy and some from all the other books I’ve studied.
I also want to introduce you to John Hagelin and Deepak Chopra, both contribute a great deal to where I am today.
John Samuel Hagelin (born June 9, 1954) is an American particle physicist, three-time candidate of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States (1992, 1996, and 2000), and the director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the US.

Deepak Chopra (Hindi: दीपक चोपड़ा; born October 22, 1946) is an Indian medical doctor, public speaker, and writer on subjects such as spirituality, Ayurveda and mind-body medicine. Chopra began his career as an endocrinologist and later shifted his focus to alternative medicine. He now runs his own medical center with a focus on mind-body connections.[clarification needed] He is also a lecturer at the Update in Internal Medicine event, sponsored by Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education and the Department of Medicine. Chopra was an assistant to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi before starting his own career in the late 1980s by publishing self-help books on New Age spirituality and alternative medicine. A friend of Michael Jackson for 20 years, Chopra came to widespread public attention in July 2009 when he criticized the “cult of drug-pushing doctors, with their co-dependent relationships with addicted celebrities”, saying that he hoped Jackson’s death, attributed to an overdose of a prescription drug, would be a call to action.

1. Deepak Chopra on Quantum Physics and Consciousness

[yframe url=’’]

2. John Hagelin, Ph.D. on Consciousness 1 of 2

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It’s a Blustery Day, Indeed!

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

It is a Blustery Day! Indeed.

Last Friday, a friend asked me “what does the word “blustery” mean?” I thought for a moment and the first thing that came to mind was Winnie the Pooh and the other Walt Disney characters.  He acknowledged my response and thanked me.

It is now Monday and that question kept reappearing in my thoughts.  I am getting ready to sit down to write and this word blustery kept creeping in in my consciousness and so I followed my intuition.  I looked up “Winnie the Pooh and blustery” in Wikipedia.  Sure enough there is a movie, “Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day” which won the 1968 Academy Award for Animated Short Film.

 Here’s the plot

The story takes place when the east wind trades places with the west wind, stirring things up a bit all through the Hundred Acre Woods. At the beginning of this story, while Winnie-the-Pooh is at his “thoughtful spot” trying to think of something, Gopher pops out of the ground and tells him that it is “Winds-day” (a play on “Wednesday”), whereupon Pooh decides to wish everybody “Happy Winds-day.” He visits his friend Piglet, who wears a scarf around his neck on this day. Piglet is blown into the air, his scarf unraveling all the while, and Pooh grabs hold of him. As they fly like a kite through the air over the other characters’ heads, Pooh wishes Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Owl a happy Winds-day. However, once they arrive at Owl’s treehouse, he informs them that the wind is due to “a mild spring zephyr” rather than to a particular holiday. During the windstorm, Owl’s house is knocked down, so Eeyore volunteers to house-hunt for Owl. That night, Pooh hears an unfamiliar noise coming from elsewhere in the Hundred Acre Wood. Someone knocks on Pooh’s door, and then Tigger bounces inside in search of something to eat. He tries some honey but gets disgusted and decides, “Yuck! Tiggers don’t like honey!”  Before leaving Pooh’s house, Tigger tells him that there are Heffalumps and Woozles in the forest that steal honey. After which, he says goodbye and bounces off. Pooh, frightened by Tigger’s tale, takes it upon himself to guard his honey, but eventually falls fast asleep. As he is sleeping, he has a nightmare about Heffalumps and Woozles stealing his honey and chasing him around. Note:  Excerpted from Wikipedia and there’s a link at the bottom for you to continue this wonderful story.

I woke up this morning and looked outside and said to myself it is one of those blustery days – windy as depicted in the Winnie the Pooh movie plus wintery cold temperature.  Sure enough, I stepped outside ready to project myself into this time space reality, meditate on my rock, walk and write whatever inspired me – it is windy and cold. I think this is the first time I’ve felt winter here on the East Coast this year. I fumbled for my Android phone while walking to my car, hoping it would start, to look at the temperature, it is 20⁰. Ok, It is definitely a wintery – blustery day for the first time this year — the east wind trading places with the west wind and 20⁰.

I drove to the board walk around the lake in the shopping complex where I lived surrounded by restaurants, shops, and two Marriott Hotels facing the lake.  I look forward to meditating.  I parked my car inside the above ground parking lot, to protect my car from this blustery day and so when I returned I do not have to be blown by the strong wind mixed with winter cold.  During rainy days, I did not mind being outdoors just did not like it when the rain goes diagonal blown by the wind and there’s no preparation for that except to cover yourself with a rain coat, but then, I want to feel nature against my skin, so windy is not ideal for me in the rain. I took my heavy gloves, as this windy cold day called for it.  Then I realized I want to walk and read too, so with these heavy gloves, this thing I truly desire to do, will not work. What is true for me is true for me, so I say it, then it is, I am a deliberate creator, good and bad.  No matter, I dismiss the thought (which was a counter-thought to my desire), that it is impossible to experience what I want this morning, walk and read, meditate, then write. No matter, I restated my postulate.  I continued onward.

It has been many days since I sat on my meditation rock facing the lake, a big tree, now bare, behind me. This tree protected me from the heat of the Sun in the summer, now I want that it protect me from buffeting wind.  The rock sits at the one end of the lake, Sun rises over it, the Marriott Hotel hovering over the tree and rock, so Sun’s rays and heat will not reached it till the Sun is above around 12o’clock, noon.

First, I need to warm my body, so I headed to Starbucks to order my favorite drink, “soy misto,” which called for 50/50 coffee and soy milk. The guys behind the counter knows me, but had not seen me in awhile, so the Barista, a good guy, asked me if I want the usual and I said “Yes”, mild, but this time 25/25, since I rarely drink coffee, 25% caffeine, 25% decaf, it has become a habit, plus as I walked around the lake the hot coffee cup warmed my hands, while I walk around the lake, with my other hand holding a book and would switched the cup and the book to warm both hands, one at a time.  Man it is cold out here, since I have not been outdoors every day; I have not acclimated to the change in weather.  I paid for the coffee, the Barista, knowing I had lost my Starbucks gold card, which gave me a free refill, and discount on my drink, rang me and said you can go on the website and register the card which I gave him and suggest that I link it to my gold card which Starbucks actually emailed me this week, though I did not open the email, I know from reading the subject line, that said, it was in the mail.  I responded to his kindness and I said I knew and I will, just could not remember to do it when I get home and in front of my computer, because I am now receiving from my followers and subscribers about 100 comments a day. I wanted to connect to all of you, the subscribers of my blog, so the website needed attending to.

He added, “I used my partner card so you got a discount,” I said “sweet” ”awesome” and “thank you.”

I fixed my coffee, a dash or two of chocolate powder and a packet of brown sugar. It looks so yummy, I could taste the vanilla soy milk in my mouth and I like the feeling of the hot drink burning my tongue, stirring my coffee, my mind kept considering the blustery cold and wind outside, feeling the warmth inside Starbucks, I chose to sit and read instead. I always go with my intuition, not forcing anything or to make things happen, it is not my job. I am here for the joy and thrill of life.

My job is to follow my intuition, listen to the soft voice inside, and go with it.  I sat and read for about an hour and a half.  I could not put the book down and I lost track of time. The book is from a favorite author of mine, some years back.  I am revisiting some of the books I had been reading previous to my decision to write again.  I was engaged, rather a better description would be “entrenched”, rooted at my chair, holding my breath, can’t wait to turn to the next page but at the same time I did not want to miss a word, the story is so compellingly good.   Finally, I decided this is my last chapter, completed it, closed the book with finality and turned it face down.  I am going for a walk and meditate, spend time with nature and my Source.  That is final!  I got up to get a refill before my final decision to walk.  Another Barista is helping me this time and he started to strike a conversation with me.   He casually said while continuing to prepare my drink, “I have not seen you in awhile,” I responded, “I’ve been bunkered in, following my intuition to finally write my stories I had been writing and accumulating.  I decided to follow my calling, I surrendered to my purpose. I want to publish my writings this year. I had been publishing some of my writing, via a blog, testing the Internet audience,” which is a lot, touching many people around the world.  I paused for a moment, just now comprehending the enormity of it all.  What did I, we, do before the Internet? He continued, “You’ve been writing long?” I said “Yes, since I was a kid.” I added “check it out, just type in followcatherine” no spaces, and I spelled it for him, he said he would, and I said “Have a great day.”  “Oh, I forgot to pay you”, he responded “you’re good, I got you covered.”  “Thank you,”  I said, and I walked outside.

I looked up and whispered gratefully, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” 

This is the second act of kindness I received today.

On a side note, did you know that the person receiving the kindness, the person giving the kindness, and the third person observing the kindness, all three, benefit from one single act of kindness?  The Observer, the Receiver, and the Giver are all benefiting from the vibrational frequency of a single act of kindness which is equivalent to Love.  I also want to mention the Law of Reciprocal Exchange or the Law of Giving, that “as you are giving you are already receiving,” (paraphrased here) it is a simultaneous act and a universal law (I chose small letter “u” for the word universal, because, I believe, and I am not for certain, whether this law also exist elsewhere outside of our planet Earth, physical time space reality.  Just to give you a distinction here, gravity is unique to Earth, not in other universes, so gravity is not a Universal Law.  This is my own interpretation; I probably picked up this paradigm from reading Abraham Hicks books.

I tucked the book under my left arm, coffee on my right hand, oops, then switched the coffee to my left, so I could put the hood over my head to protect me from the wind. I continued to walk. I am feeling some emotions welling up inside me, I began to sob, cry, then weep, I continued to weep, not understanding why, and while weeping, scanned through my senses, my chest is tight, my heart felt like it had been ripped apart from me, and I wept and wept, I continued to walk and gave in to my weeping, now I am starting to wail, I am bent over now, shove the hood more to cover my face, now wet with tears dripping down my cheeks.  Thank goodness, the early morning crowd did not show up for their normal daily walk, the blustery wintery morning is a big factor.  I decided to let this emotion pass, continued walking, continued weeping, I decided to surrendered to it, the weeping slowly subsiding, my chest starting to loosen up and my heart beginning to heal and soften, now I could look up, freeing my back allowing it to straightened so I could walk normally.

I continued my walk around the lake, still questioning myself, from whence did this crying come from?  I scanned a bit more, deeper, in the recesses of my soul, and there it was, revealed to me by my subconscious mind, so plain and simple. I am human too, with emotions. The book I was reading had slowly been ripping my heart apart from me and finally became evident that the act of kindness of the second Barista was the catalyst to bring the weeping into full circle into this reality. The book I was reading touched a chord in me; it presented our human character in its glory and brilliance and in its demise and downfall.  The main character, a heroic character, from the caste of the Warriors, a man of honor and strength, skilled and master of the peasant bow (or commonly referred to as the long bow measures more than a man’s height), had been captured, and had to choose to die or to live, found himself giving up his code of honor, burning with shame, dishonored his city, and given the choice to die with honor and be thrown into the sea or to choose life and be enslaved, he chose to live and be a slave than to die with honor.  The book had stirred my emotions. The author had cleverly weaved the story through the main character’s narration, from his point of view, the story of humanity’s strength and frailty, his love for two women, losing both, his mastery of the long bow would not help him now, of pride and prowess, feeling his disgust for the despicable cutthroats and brigands, then dismissing his feelings for them, as these brigands are truer to themselves than he is. He is not like them hiding behind the shield and symbol of the stone of his city, he failure and succumbed, not worthy of the people he loved and the stone of his city.  He could no longer be the Warrior again, he could no longer look at his people eye to eye, he betrayed his father, his teacher in mastering the sword, and he discovered that he is not the man he thought he was. He hated himself.  I felt his agony.  The story touched every fiber of my flesh and bone and challenged my emotional pain threshold. How long could he go on and on about the frailty of our human kind, how is he going to redeem himself, and on and on I read, page after page, chapter after chapter, silently, covertly, the plight of this Warrior invoking deep emotions in me, feeling the anguish and torment of what the hero is experiencing, so I wept, I wept for him, I wept for our humanity.  I kept weeping until I finally released all those emotions of our vulnerability, of being human.  The muscles of my arms and chest is beginning to release from tightness, I decided to write this down for you bringing me back to this present moment of an inspired life.

I knew that the saga of this man will continue in other pages and I know that there is a story to be told, a story of sorrow and defeat, a story of grandeur and salvation, because this is our story, and we will survive it all, until we decide to end it, and it is our personal choice to choose a life of bliss or a life of sorrow, at the right moment, at the right time.  For now, I am content, to rejoice and choose a purposeful and inspired Life!

Later that night, a storm floods the Hundred Acre Woods, and Piglet becomes trapped in his home. He writes a bottle-note for help just before the waters carry him away riding a chair. While eating his breakfast, Pooh is trapped in a honey pot and floats away from his home as well. The remaining characters gather at Christopher Robin’s house, due to it being on ground that’s too high for the water to reach, and Christopher reads Piglet’s message. He then sends Owl to inform Piglet of a rescue plan in the works, but just after he delivers the news, Piglet and Pooh are mixed up in a waterfall which switches Piglet to the honey pot and Pooh to the chair. When they arrive together at Christopher Robin’s house, he mistakenly thinks that Pooh rescued Piglet, and throws a hero party for Pooh. During the party, Eeyore announces that he has found a new home for Owl. When he leads the gang to Piglet’s house, the others are shocked and try to tell Eeyore that Piglet already lives there. However, Piglet reluctantly decides to give his home to Owl, and Pooh offers to let Piglet live with him. Pooh suggests to Christopher Robin that the hero party should become a two-hero party because of Piglet’s generosity. He agrees, and the characters celebrate both Pooh’s and Piglet’s good deeds that day. (See full excerpt of this movie below from Wikipedia.)

This came to mind, while writing, “We come from goodness, we are absolutely good.” I usually say this to my students during and after “Savasana,” (Corpse Pose), close to the end of the class, the relaxation portion of the Yoga class.

I live a beautiful life, opted to leave a 5-star life, to the life of a writer. I chose to live inspired (in-Spirit) in every moment. I succumbed to the story of humanity, our frailty and vulnerability, briefly.  I choose to celebrate our goodness, our strength, our ability to adapt, our desire to live and to come together for the common good and survival of mankind. We dare choose to get up when we are down on our knees. We choose to conquer again and fight together for the freedom  of choice, all for the good of the many.  I am inspired, I am rooting for humanity “more of this please” for this wonderful existence in this magnificent glorious Blue Planet, Earth!

We are worth redeeming just because we exist and we need not do anything more than that. I am content. I am satisfied with life in this wonderful time, in this wonderful Earth space, in this wonderful body, and in this wonderful Universe.


I honor in you that place where we are all One!

Love Live, Live Love


I wish you safe travel, smooth flowing traffic, great parking spaces, inspiring moments, of purpose, and of harmonious relationships and experiences of love, kindness, sweetness, and experiences of unending, unspeakable, outrageous Joy!

I love you all!

Your Catherine,
Love and Live on Purpose!!


(From Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Barista: a person who makes and serves coffee (as espresso) to the public
Blustery:  windy
Buffet: something that strikes with telling force
Bunker:  dug out
Entrench:  to place within or surround with a trench especially for defense
(I used the entrench here to describe being inside the trenches, meaning I am there, focused, going nowhere, there with full attention)
Comprehend:  to grasp the nature, significance, or meaning of
Covert:  Hidden (intention)
Enormity: the quality or state of being huge; a quality of momentous importance or impact
Indeed:  to be sure,without a doubt
Saga: a modern heroic narrative
Savasana (Corpse Pose) In Yoga, relaxation posture lying on your back.
Whence: from what place, source, or cause.

From the Book, “Ask and it is Given”by Jerry and Esther Hicks:

Vibration:  the response of harmony or discord of all  things to all thngs;
Vibrational Frequency:  A state of vibration

References from Wikipedia:

Namaste:  It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a valediction upon their parting. A non-contact form of salutation is traditionally preferred in India and Namaste is the most common form of such a salutation. Namaste is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of two words, “Namaḥ” and “te”. “Namaḥ” means ‘bow’ and “te” means ‘to you’

Therefore, Namaste literally means “bow to you” translated as “I bow to you”. In detail, “Naman Astitva” means the recognition of one’s existence by another person. In other words, when one says “Namaste” to another it means “I salute or recognize your presence or existence in society and the universe.”

When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This gesture, called  “Añjali Mudrā” or “Pranamasana,” can also be performed wordlessly and carries the same meaning.

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

The story takes place when the east wind trades places with the west wind, stirring things up a bit all through the Hundred Acre Woods. At the beginning of this story, while Winnie-the-Pooh is at his “thoughtful spot” trying to think of something, Gopher pops out of the ground and tells him that it is “Winds-day” (a play on “Wednesday”), whereupon Pooh decides to wish everybody “Happy Winds-day.” He visits his friend Piglet, who wears a scarf around his neck on this day. Piglet is blown into the air, his scarf unraveling all the while, and Pooh grabs hold of him. As they fly like a kite through the air over the other characters’ heads, Pooh wishes Kanga, Roo, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Owl a happy Winds-day. However, once they arrive at Owl’s treehouse, he informs them that the wind is due to “a mild spring zephyr” rather than to a particular holiday. During the windstorm, Owl’s house is knocked down, so Eeyore volunteers to house-hunt for Owl. That night, Pooh hears an unfamiliar noise coming from elsewhere in the Hundred Acre Wood. Someone knocks on Pooh’s door, then Tigger bounces inside in search of something to eat. He tries some honey but gets disgusted and decides, “Yuck! Tiggers don’t like honey!”. Before leaving Pooh’s house, Tigger tells him that there are Heffalumps and Woozles in the forest that steal honey. After which, he says goodbye and bounces off. Pooh, frightened by Tigger’s tale, takes it upon himself to guard his honey, but eventually falls fast asleep. As he is sleeping, he has a nightmare about Heffalumps and Woozles stealing his honey and chasing him around.

Later that night, a storm floods the Hundred Acre Woods, and Piglet becomes trapped in his home. He writes a bottle-note for help just before the waters carry him away riding a chair. While eating his breakfast, Pooh is trapped in a honey pot and floats away from his home as well. The remaining characters gather at Christopher Robin’s house, due to it being on ground that’s too high for the water to reach, and Christopher reads Piglet’s message. He then sends Owl to inform Piglet of a rescue plan in the works, but just after he delivers the news, Piglet and Pooh are mixed up in a waterfall which switches Piglet to the honey pot and Pooh to the chair. When they arrive together at Christopher Robin’s house, he mistakenly thinks that Pooh rescued Piglet, and throws a hero party for Pooh. During the party, Eeyore announces that he has found a new home for Owl. When he leads the gang to Piglet’s house, the others are shocked and try to tell Eeyore that Piglet already lives there. However, Piglet reluctantly decides to give his home to Owl, and Pooh offers to let Piglet live with him. Pooh suggests to Christopher Robin that the hero party should become a two-hero party because of Piglet’s generosity. He agrees, and the characters celebrate both Pooh’s and Piglet’s good deeds that day.



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Roasted Red Peppers and Eggplant, A Dichotomy

Roasted Red Peppers & Eggplant, A Dichotomy

October 22, 2007

My Love,

What a great weekend!

Last night I was inspired to cook. I prepared the food with you in mind and the feelings of Joy I receive daily by your example.

– Roasted red peppers soaked in olive oil, soy sauce, apple cider, vinegar, and lemon
– Roasted eggplant in olive oil, garlic, and salt to taste
– Pita bread

Please enjoy. Warm the bread to awaken it. Add lemon if it’s too salty for your palate.
( I did not use a knife, I used only my hands to prepare the food)

My appreciation for you brought me here to this present moment. You’ve also inspired me to write so here are my thoughts for the day.

For now, I am soaked in love and I am loving it. I am living in the Flow.

I live now in accordance with my nature. I do not go against the way of things. I act in harmony with the present moment to connect and know the truth of just what to do.

It is called Living in the Flow in this temporary world of many changes and changing – the physical world of “10,000 things” as Lao Tzu calls it.

I focus my attention not on the food, the creation. Rather, I try to be aware in the silent knowing of what’s behind all acts of creation. We cannot know the Creator, if we focus on the creation.

I purposely did not remove the seeds from the one eggplant. The eggplant offers a silky texture and pleasant fragrance. Joined with garlic, it gives you that “bite” reminding me of the duality and dichotomy of the Universe, and yet it is all one.

So watch out, the garlic has a strong taste and the eggplant its opposing flavor. The mixture of apple cider, vinegar and lemon is mildly calmed by the soy sauce. The olive oil is the equalizer.

So I turned inward and experience the essence of the One who allowed this eggplant to emerge from a tiny seed. I look at life as going beyond this worldly perspective, to live from the inner knowing that our true essence is not of the world (being in the world), but not of this world of “10,000 things”.

On an aside, I am beginning to get the idea of the word “Two”, now seems funny to me these days.

The word “Two” keeps reminding me of its Unity. In the end, not Two but really One. Just the opposite end of the pole of creation. We are all a Perfect One, Perfect Creation, Perfect Love, Perfect Silent knowing, Joy!



Here is the 8th verse of the The Tao Te Ching,

Living in the Flow

The supreme good is like water,

Which nourishes all things without trying to.

It flows to low places loathed by all men,

Therefore, it is like the Tao

Live in accordance with the nature of things,

In dwelling, be close to the land.

In meditation, go deep in the heart.

In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.

Stand by your word.

Govern with equity.

Be timely in choosing the right moment.

One who lives in accordance with nature

does not go against the way of things.

He moves in harmony with the present moment,

Always knowing the truth of just what to do.

My commentary:

You want to savor reading the 8th verse, read it slowly, and let it seep in your tongue where we have tons of saliva, attached to flavors and emotions, that’s why kissing is so good.

After practicing my TM (Transcendental Meditation) in the mornings, I read a book or maybe two and from the transcendent state (state beyond thought or thinking, thinking state, or busy mind). From the transcendent state, it is easy to write, where your thoughts are most powerful, and is coming from what I can describe, inspiration. From this state my understanding becomes deeper, on a cellular level. We have trillions of cells, each one a point of consciousness, intelligent, and capable of achieving its own intelligent balance, without our say so.

Because I savor and practice the inspirations from the books I read, it was easy to write what I have just shared with you on this piece of inspired writing, I call Roasted Red Peppers and Eggplant, a dichotomy of Two, but Really One, a Perfect One.

If you like what you read here, I recommend reading:

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book,Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Here’s a reference from Wikipedia:

Laozi (Western translation = Lao Tzu) is traditionally regarded as the author of the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching), though the identity of its author(s) and/or compiler(s) has been debated throughout history. It is one of the most significant treatises in Chinese cosmogony. As with most other ancient Chinese philosophers, Laozi often explains his ideas by way of paradox, analogy, appropriation of ancient sayings, repetition, symmetry, rhyme, and rhythm.

The Tao Te Ching, often called simply Laozi after its reputed author, describes the Dao (or Tao) as the source and ideal of all existence: it is unseen, but not transcendent, immensely powerful yet supremely humble, being the root of all things. According to the Daodejing, humans have no special place within the Dao, being just one of its many (“ten thousand”) manifestations. People have desires and free will (and thus are able to alter their own nature). Many act “unnaturally”, upsetting the natural balance of the Dao. The Daodejing intends to lead students to a “return” to their natural state, in harmony with Dao. Language and conventional wisdom are critically assessed. Taoism views them as inherently biased and artificial, widely using paradoxes to sharpen the point.

Word Clearing:

Cosmogony-definition: Cosmogony, or cosmogeny, is any scientific theory concerning the coming into existence or origin of the universe, or about how reality came to be.

Dichotomy: a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities

I wish You All Health, All Wealth, and All Love!

Love Live, Live Love


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A Lesson in Love in One Day

Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration in 2012 and Beyond

[yframe url=’’]

I went to Lima to go dancing on a Halloween night and as I stood there, this woman asked me what I do because I look so fit, and I told her I teach Yoga. So this woman flops down on my chair, whoosh, so fast, she must have drunk too much, and she proceeds to slowly tell me she got separated from her friends. She was very apologetic even in her state, she was aware of her true self. She was very respectful and conscious that she had taken over my seat without asking permission. I told her that she may sit for as long as she wants. Her hands now covering her face from embarrassment. I told her that she would feel better if she rubbed her “third eye” gently, the space between her eyebrows. She felt better and seemed to calm down, still aware of her actions, still apologizing, she said find me on Facebook, she gave me her name, and I said I would.

Westerners have this concept that when you say you practice or teach Yoga, the immediate reaction is “Ahh.. you do those difficult poses” it’s so hard for me to do those, I want to though,” and “good for you.”

And yet the asanas (poses) is only one of the components of Yoga.

There are two aspects of the spiritual practice:

Abhyasa – practice
Vairagya – renunciation

There are Four Aims of Life:

Dharma – observation of spiritual discipline
Artha – creation of a balanced life
Kama- enjoyment of the fruits of one’s labor
Moksa – liberation

The Five Afflictions:

Avidya – spiritual ignorance
Asmita – price
Raga – desire
Dvesa – aversion
Abhinivesa – fear of death

Then the supreme hierarchy is The Eight-Limb Path of Yoga. And if I show this to you in a diagram, just imagine the spokes on a wheel, eight of them meeting from inward to outward completing a circle, a circle of life.

The Eight Limb Path of Yoga are:

1. Yamas – the Five Moral Restraints –
a. Ahimsa – non violence
b. Satya – truthfulness
c. Asteya – non stealing
d. Brahmacarya –moderation
e. Aparigraha – non hoarding

2. Niyamas –the Five Observances
a. Sauca – purity
b. Santosa – contentment
c. Tapas- zeal, austerity
d. Svadhyaya – self-study
e. Isvara=pranidhana – devotion to a higher power

3. Asana – Postures
4. Pranayama – Mindful Breathing
5. Pratyahara – Turning Inward
6. Dharana – Concentration
7. Dhyana – Meditation
8. Samadhi – Union of the Self with Object of Meditation

This is just a short lesson of what we do not see as Yoga in the West. As you can see there’s much more to Yoga, a living breathing life of its own woven into this living of life. As for me, Yoga is the study of balance, the study of love, and the living of Love in action.

This past week certainly had been a lesson in love for me. I heard someone say (and I can’t remember who said it) that “you are nobody until someone loves you”, and I am not saying I agree with this or not.

It certainly hits home for some of us who are having challenges in their current relationship, especially for me this week.

There are times when the one you love is distant. There are those times when you just want that special someone to hold your hand, hug you, and kiss you, or call you, or maybe text you. And if it is not forthcoming- it could devastate you, depending on how low you have put yourself into the emotional path, spiraling downward. This has been a lesson that I have worked through and certainly another revelation in the study of human emotions.

Look no further, the answer is always within you.

I read several books a week, most of which are second, or third, even fourth reading of the same books. All of which contribute to my understanding of why I am here in this time space reality. Knowing that I agreed to be here doesn’t help much when you have the need to be loved.

Keeping my mind focused in the moment. It’s our home, to live life in the moment, experiencing them all, so we may know what we don’t want and get closer to what we want.

So, what am I wanting? I thought I needed someone to love me and I have the urge for that someone to show affection for me in that moment of need. And really, the truth, after much contemplation, is that I have become out of alignment to who I truly am. What I forget in these moments of misalignment, is that, I become attached to expecting something, from someone who has no idea what I am wanting because they have their own emotional guidance system, their own thoughts, and they are creating for themselves first and I could never and cannot ever control that. It’s in these moments of need, a false need that you stop your spiritual growth.

Every relationship, every encounter, with a human Being must be holy. I must keep my eyes above me, in God’s eye view, look around and see who is with me and celebrate with them taking nothing personally, removing from our consciousness and vocabulary the words struggle, need, worry, unmet expectations, alone-ness.

The easiest way to do this is to wrap our mind into the thinking that whatever we do, it must be in a holy space, in a sacred way, and in the celebration of life, – my life and yours.

A good friend sent me a chain email. The story goes and I am paraphrasing, that this man was gathering his wife’s belonging, clothing and found a package especially wrapped, a silk underwear, he had given her 8 or 9 years ago, with his wife’s handwriting “save for a special day”. He thought it was appropriate as he was preparing a box for his wife to take to her funeral, his wife had just died. This changed the way he lives now, living in the moment, doing things now, not later, working less hours, and enjoying life more.

The moment we become out of alignment of who we truly are, whole and perfect, strong and powerful, abundant and prosperous, loving and beloved, harmonious, at peace and so very, very happy, we become disconnected from our Source.

What are you wanting? The question must be, who are you waiting for?

The answer is “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. We are the answer to all our questions.

Really, truly, we keep looking outside ourselves, really, truly, the reality is we are our own soul mate and we need look no further. When you have become out of alignment with your own soul mate, is when we go outside for our answers. Our answers are always within us.


A lesson of Love –

Love thyself with all your heart and mind just because you exist and nothing more than that.

Love Live, Live Love


PS. I want to share with you these 2 declarations to replace an old belief system. These are great declarations especially if you are having doubts and challenges with your current relationships, so make it your stable datum.

1) Everything is neutral, and nothing has meaning except for the meaning I give it.

2) Nothing is more important than that I be happy! And I repeat, Nothing is more important than that I be happy!

Word Clearing:

Stable datum – Until one selects one datum, one factor, one particular in a confusion of particles, the confusion continues. The one thing selected and used becomes the stable datum for the remainder.

You can read the whole write up on this at:

My commentary:

I chose to use this doctrine because until you decide what is right for you or until you decide what makes you happy, your turmoil continues and your life is ruled by that turmoil, until you decide to be in control of your inner dialogue. And this stable datum need not be the right one because you can change them as they become applicable to you or more in harmony with the peace and happiness you desire.

The declarations I suggested above will put you in a harmonious peaceful path. If you are given the choice between being right or being happy, which would you choose?

I choose, I would rather be happy.

I wish you safe travel, smooth flowing traffic, great parking spaces, attracting harmonious relationships, and experiencing unending, unspeakable, outrageous Joy.


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I am looking forward for my day to unfold, lost cell phone

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

I have much to re-learn.  I am re-reading the Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer for the the third time.  I am looking forward for my day to unfold.  The eagerness of what is to come is so delicious and I can savor it in my tongue.  I am practicing the 7 Faces of Intention from this book.  The 7 Faces of Intention are:

1) Creativity
2) Kindness
3) Love
4) Beauty
5) Expansion
6) Unlimited Abundance
7) Receptivity

This third book in my hand now,  I bought and I gave it to this lady from Australia.  Here’s the story.

Well, I got my pedicure and I sat at the drying table, my foot propped up on this long footstool tooled with drying fans and heated lamps as wide as 5 ladies sitting facing each other with their toes drying.  Anyway I was reading and this lady beside me starts to lean over towards me to read the book with me and so I asked her if she wanted me to read aloud for her.  She nodded.  So I read aloud enough for her to hear and mindful of everyone else at the table, a natural thing for me to do.  Thought nothing of it.  Then this woman started to sob.  I was reading this chapter on this boy, Shaya, (you really must read the whole story) who wanted to be in the game but he had some physical challenges, most of the boys in school would not want him on their team, but if he was chosen to play it would give him a sense of belonging, his father thought. “In Brooklyn, New York, Chush is a school that caters to learning-disabled children.” (Be sure to see the Reference section at the bottom of this page.)

Then the story unfolded that now Shaya has a bat in his hand (his father had asked one of the boys on the field and asked if Shaya could play) and ready to bat. The team was losing by 6 runs and the game is in the eighth inning, and now he is on the field, bat in hand, at the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs and bases loaded. “Shaya didn’t know how to hold the bat properly and would not know how to hit it either, so giving the bat to Shaya at this juncture;” well you might as well give away their chance of winning. The next pitch and he misses, the pitcher sort of came closer to him so he could lob the ball softly and give him a chance to make contact with the ball, one of his teammate too came to aid Shaya and together they held the bat waiting for the next pitch, the pitcher came another step closer, lob the ball, and Shaya and the teammate, together swung the bat and there goes a ground ball. And now the crowd is on their feet, but they are shouting his name to go run, run, run, now both teams are rooting for him, they got the picture of what the pitcher was orchestrating, players running after him almost dancing like ballerinas in slow motion, (my own rendition of the scene, but you get the picture), the pitcher threw the ball on a high arc to right field way beyond the first baseman. The players are screaming, “Shaya, run to second base,” “Shaya run to third base,” the players on both side pointing and guiding him home, “Shaya run home.” Well,

“Shaya ran home, stepped on home plate, and all 18 boys lifted him on their shoulders and made him the hero, as he had just hit a “grand slam” and won the game for his team.”

“That day,” said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, “those 18 boys reached their level of God’s perfection.”

So you can see why this lady besides me is now sobbing with Joy. I asked her, “would you like to take the book, please have it, really, thank you, please take it with you and read and enjoy it”. So she sobbed and nodded and took the book with her. My toes are dry, her eyes are dry, her toes are dry, everybody else’s toes were dry, the next set of ladies are taking over our seats, and with a smile on her face waved goodbye to me. I waved goodbye. The first book I lent to a friend, even forgot who I gave it too, so I bought a second one. That disappeared too, someone borrowed it. I did not get it back. So anyway, whenever I lose things, whoever has it must need it more than me. I don’t really have attachment to things. I would leave my belongings on tables and chairs or wherever my body is and I would leave or go to the bathroom and leave my belonging where it was. If I am not wearing it, I would have no attachment to it. My friends would ask, aren’t you afraid someone would take it, I would answer “No,” they must need it so they can have it. Anyway, I never really lost a thing.

I went to Las Vegas one year with a group of people and I left my cell phone in the back of the taxi that drove us to the hotel. I did not know I had left it until I was 20 minutes in line to check into my hotel room.  I started to look for my cell and could not find it.  I remembered the last time I had it was in the cab.  So I ran to go back to the lobby door where the taxi driver dropped me off. I saw the same taxi cab, same driver, and I approached him to let him know he has my cell phone.  He said he did not have my cell phone and I responded “Yes you do have my cell phone and I will show you”, I proceeded to open the back door and there it was under his seat, I sat behind him I remember.  With a big relief showing on his face, “you are lucky, I had already picked up another passenger, drove back to the airport picked up a passenger and drove back here” (in his lovely Indian accent). I said “Thank you”.  Of course, it was no surprise to me that my cell phone was there.  I had no doubt he had it. This is a magnificent Universe. The Universe is supporting me in everything I do.  I love my life!

I will tell you of another story in DC in another blog where I left my cell in back of a taxi cab, again.  Alright no use waiting I might as well share it here.  Same theme – lost cell phone.

I had just finished an early breakfast meeting and took this taxi cab to my H Street NW office in DC.  I left my cell phone on the back seat of this taxi cab. As soon as I entered the building I fumbled for my phone in my pocket.  Darn these designers of women’s suits.  I have no pockets. Men have pockets, why don’t women suits have any pockets.  I guess our hips and waistline must be smooth and trimmed or maybe I need to change my designer. Oh where oh where is Michael Kors?  Ok, I am now a bit embarrassed as this is not my first time to leave a cell phone inside the cab.  Well, as usual I wasn’t worried. I said it will turned up.  I will get it back.  I had to get a loaner phone in the meantime as I did not make a note of the cab’s name or the cab driver’s name and there was no way to track this phone.  I did not wait though. It was easy to get another phone. I always find ways to get another one.  A week goes by, nothing, no cell phone.  I was not worried. It will show up. I did not even try to conjure a story of how it would return to me. It was not my job.  It was the Universe’s job.  My job is just to be happy, expect, and receive.  Two and half weeks passed.  I got a phone call from my boss and he said there’s a taxi cab driver here who has your phone and I said, “great, could you thank him for me”, he said “Ok but he wants $25”, I said “could you give it to him please and find out why it took him two weeks”.  I text him, my business partner text him to make sure to call back as soon as he finds it. A few moments of silence as this taxi cab driver tells the reason to my boss.  My boss gets back on the phone and here’s the story.  “Well, the driver found the phone a week later when he was cleaning the cab and so the battery was dead.  It took him another week to find a cab driver with the same phone as you to charge your phone.  And he called right away when the phone turned on”.Well, alright, good story.  Please let him know how much I appreciate it”.  There my phone is back, not lost. By the way, while in the process of manifesting, I did not call people nor told the story about my lost cell phone, I did not do a blog, or facebooked anyone, because if I did my phone will be in perpetuity, unfound, uncharged, and unreturned to me.  Old as this phone was, I just saw it in my desk drawer, preserved.

Focus only on what you want and what you want you get.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe

Love Live, Live Love



The story of Shaya can be found in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, under 2.) Kindness toward others on page 44-47.

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Patience, busyness, desires, seeking, and doingness

It came to me again. I patiently waited for the manifestations of my desires. It came to me that it would be really nice if my desires should flow to me as the steward of this abundance that I may access it freely and give to those who need and desire it.  It would be really nice and so here’s my new desire for the Universe, the Invisible Force that permeates throughout the Cosmos. This same Invisible Force beats your heart and mine.  It would be really nice to provide Joyful experiences to planet Earth so that the people may know what they want to know and know what they don’t want.

Today I met with two business colleagues regarding the New Orleans project.  Many questions were asked as the do-ability and reality of this project.  No one wants to be the pioneer.  Many questions were asked as who deserves what. Who controls which and why. Downtown New Orleans still has many activities, downtown is still alive, the Superdome is still being used.  I will be going there to meet with people.

The Universe has the answers to all our questions.  The Universe reveals to us the solutions for the fruition of any project or endeavor. The exact amount of funding will be provided. The right people will show up. The Universe will provide at the right time, at the right place with just the right people when everyone is harmoniously align with their true Source and that the only thing we need to correct is our feeling of separation from our Source.

There was much to do and many activities to participate in today.  A friend and I went to the Baltimore Comedy Central and we had plenty of laugh and laughter.

There was a listing agreement to complete, confidentiality agreement to prepare, study for the DC broker’s license exam, pick up my daughter from a friend’s house, take the other to the Orthodontist, go to the Org, meet with friends at the Hyatt, meet with more people at the Business Expansion Club, etc.

It is a beautiful day and there’s much to accomplish.

Then I realized something, I am bewildered, the vibrational frequency of patience might be similar to tolerating, I thought … not a vibration you want to be in. I wonder what Abraham Hicks would say.  I must learn to replace patience with “it is already here” ..

I am not seeking because I know, I will not strive or strain because I am guided .. This is the Universal Mind.


I give and receive – then allow, be the deliberate Creator

I live in Joy. I give and receive.  It is a Universal Law that as you are giving you are already receiving.

I allow, I let things flow to me and through me. I connect to the Power of Intention.  I am disciplined (I practice)  I am wisdom (I seek).  I Surrender without attachment to the goal.

I am happy.

I find the thoughts of relief, and to another thought of good and greater relief one feeling of good and greater feeling, one feeling at a time that makes me feel just a little better, and just a little more better, until I am at the highest vibrational frequency of Joy and Love and Appreciation. When you are angry you cannot think of thoughts of Love, the disparity of the vibrational frequency of anger and the vibrational frequency of love is much too great, too far apart. From anger you must get to the feelings of discouragement, then blame, then worry, to doubt, disappointment, “overwhelment,” frustration, pessimism, boredom, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation/belief, then to enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, passion, then to the highest level of vibrational frequency of Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation. Your emotions are indicators of your vibrational frequency.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe!

If you would like to know more about the Emotional Guidance System or the Tone Scale, please email me at

It is almost 4am in the morning and I will complete the explanation of the Emotional Guidance System at another writing as there are more to this than I expressed above. Needless to say, I have to add that, your emotions are good, they indicate whether you are in alignment with your Source, and how far you are in alignment in how the Source sees you, whole and perfect. The other way of saying it is – your emotions tell you that you are not seeing yourself as the Source sees you, so rejoice in your emotions, it indicates that it is time to get back to the emotion and feeling of Love, Joy, Appreciation …..

It would be so nice when my true soulmate appears in front of me saying:

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

Hello, Hi, how are you? I’ve been waiting for you.  I am single, spiritual just like you, I am exactly the look you like, I am tall, with intense deep sensual eyes.  I am vegetarian and I am financially free.  I have high integrity work ethics. I am a great partner in all aspects of our lives together. I love going to seminars and learning. I love taking notes, it is important to re-read at anytime I wish.  I practice Yoga (union of mind body and spirit) and I pray morning, night, and throughout the day.  I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am receiving.  You can call my prayers similar to your practice of Transcendental Meditation.  I love to play tennis and I love walking the tow path, I just love to walk to unwind.  And it would be nice to find a home overlooking the Potomac River. I love to travel. I enjoy great food, wine, music, and love the co-creative experience of bliss in our lovemaking.  I love bread pudding too.  Come live with me and together we will keep each other happy, eager for more joyful and exhilarating experiences to define our own individual creative preferences.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Be mine and I will be yours in this lifetime.

You are free to be who you are, go where you want to go, experience what you want and wish. Love and be free to be do and have your heart’s desires. I respect your constant alignment with Source. I wish for you to experience unending, outrageous, unspeakable Joy!

I love you, my Catherine.

PS: Email me for a pdf copy of The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz, a great read!, or click leave a reply

Love you all!


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