Four Gifts, I am a Grateful Receiver

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Dear God,

It was not all of a sudden – but it was a clear and definite departure- a kind of resolve and that somehow a goodbye was released. I felt it first, but it was distant. He was distant. He no longer caressed my hands. He had a resolved – not to be – here – with me. He had a puzzling energy. I could not comprehend nor do I want to. I was not prepared, I am not ready. What am I to do?

Because of my asking, wanting and desiring, I received a gift – a gift is not a gift until it is received. I received a second gift. I am a grateful receiver. I receive a gift of understanding. I understood.

I cried for many hours, many days, many months, and then a third gift came. I let go and I understood. I understood and I mourned – the third gift. The gift of mourning to release, I understood, I let go, and I mourned.

Wherever we were, driving, or what whatever we were doing, we were always hand-in-hand and he caressed my hand exclusively. I felt his kindness through and through. I fell in love with him. He told me there are many people I can love. He said to channel the love I have for him to the rest of the human family. I learned to focus the first gift of sweetness and kindness, innocent Love, and because I am a grateful receiver I gave freely. I understood. I let go of my love for him and I released it to my human family.

The first gift penetrating still in my very soul, because of my asking and wanting, and desiring for more knowledge, more understanding, more clarity, and because I am a grateful receiver, I received another gift of higher clarity and of understanding on still another higher plane of understanding – the Art of Allowing. He is free to be and I am free to be as well.

Love is Love. You cannot stop it, hold it, contain it, or keep it or keep it in, hide it or bury it, or lock it in place or lock it in a box or lock it in your heart. Love is the expression of life. Love must be lived. Love must be released into the Universe and with it the rest of the human family is glorified. Love and life is to be lived in all of its glory, in all its faces and expressions.

– It brings a smile to a child
– It brings wholeness to the soul
– It brings good things to those recipient of Love
– It brings expression of life; the flowers bloom at just the right time to express its beauty to the beholder of the moment
– It brings reality and meaning to why we are here in this time and space.

And so I am here, My Darling, My Love, to express this Love for you, this Love for life,

this Love for humanity, this Love of living in this brief moment of Life.

Because of my gifts and I am a grateful receiver, I learned that I cannot be less than Loving.

I cannot hide my Love for you for I am Love

I am in Love with this Life and of living

This Love for Life is alive and present in every moment.

I cannot be less than I am, I cannot be less than Love, I am Love.

And so on this New Year’s Day, I found my freedom.

I am free. I am free to Love,
I am free to express,
I am free to live it,
I am free to be only and only to Love – to

Love and Live on Purpose.

The path to Spirituality is not about holding on or holding in, it is about letting go,

I let go and l give my Love to all of you and

I Let God in.

Your Catherine

My commentary:

You may replace the word God with the name you use for the Higher Being, some may refer to it as Alah, Buddha, Jehovah, My Lord, it is you who create.

Love is a very touchy subject for most of us, it is in the same ranking as Health and Money. We grew up observing that we are all exclusively in love with just one person and that is good because we live in a monogamous society. We are not taught though to love the human family as a whole, but no matter, I learn to focus my love outside of who I desired, and at that time he was not ready to return that love to me not that he did not love me, there were other competing circumstances because of this I was able to let go expecting nothing in return, but I loved anyway and never stopped loving him and we did not stop seeing each other on another level of love. Once I mourned and released that exclusivity of my love for him, I was able to live my life in a state of peace and bliss. I did not compromise. Love is Love. I reached a higher level of understanding. Transcendental Meditation really help me throughout all of this. The writings you are reading here in my blog are all created from a transcendental state. All throughout I was in love and in love with life. Four years later, my Soul Mate and I enjoy our togetherness and our life is full of sweetness, kindness, innocence, pure love, respect, harmony, and peace. We call our home, our sanctuary.
Every relationship must be in a sacred way, in a holy place, and in the celebration of life.

Some days I would leave before him, after we’ve shared our morning tea, to teach my Yoga class, and I would come home, and he had already left for work, I would come home before him and I would find half of an orange or an apple or chocolate, he left it for me to share with me. We share everything. I would laugh sometime because I would tell him that if I ate half of everything I would end up as tall as him. I wrote the article about the meaning of two, two representing Unity, not two but one, A perfect one. This reminds me of that piece of writing under

Word Clearing:  Mourn: to feel or express grief or sorrow

I am a practitioner of the Law of Attraction for many years  now. The book I use to study this subject matter and I consider my bible is “Ask and It is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. The fourth gift I mention here is the Art of Allowing (which is the 3rd Step of the Law of Attraction process) So here are some excerpts for you.

Reference: Art of Allowing

Art of Allowing: The practiced process of deliberately choosing your subjects of attention, with a keen awareness of how that perspective feels to you. By deliberately choosing thoughts that feel good, you achieve vibrational alignment with your Source of Well-Being.

Rediscover the Art of Allowing Your Natural Well-Being
We want you to rediscover your innate ability to allow the Well-Being of this Universe to flow steadily and unrestricted into your experience, and we call this discipline the Art of Allowing. It is the Art of Allowing the Well-Being-which makes up every particle of that which you are and that which you come from-to continue to flow through you as you continue to be. The Art of Allowing is the art of no longer resisting the Well-Being that you deserve; the Well-Being that is natural; the Well-Being that is your legacy, your Source, and your very Being

Chapter 10
The Three Steps to Whatever You Want to Be, Do, or Have
The Creative Process is conceptually a simple one. It consists of just three steps:

• Step 1 (your work): You ask.
• Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given.
• Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in

Step 1: You Ask:

Because of the wonderful and diverse environment in which you are focused, Step 1 comes easily and automatically, for this is how your natural preferences are born. Everything-from your subtle or even unconscious desires to clear, precise, vivid ones- results from the contrasting experiences of your day-to¬day life. Desires (or asking) are the natural by-product of your exposure to this environment of fantastic variety and contrast. And so, Step 1 comes naturally.

Step 2: The Universe Answers:

Step 2 is a simple step for you, for it is not your work at all. Step 2 is the work of the Non-Physical, the work of the GOD Force. All things that you ask for, large and small, are immediately understood and fully offered, without exception. Every point of Consciousness has the right and the ability to ask, and all points of Consciousness are honored and responded to immediately. When you ask, it is given. Every time. Your “asking” is sometimes spoken with your words, but more often it emanates from you vibrationally as a constant stream of personally honed preferences, each building on the next, and each one respected and answered.

Every question is answered. Every desire is given. Every prayer is answered. Every wish is granted. But the reason that many would argue with that truth, holding up examples of unfulfilled desires from their own life experiences, is because they have not yet understood and completed the very important Step 3-for without the completion of this step, the existence of Steps 1 and 2 could go unnoticed.

Step 3: You Allow It In:
Step 3 is the application of the Art of Allowing. It is really the reason your guidance system exists. It is the step whereby you tune the vibrational frequency of your Being to match the vibrational frequency of your desire. In the same way that your radio tuner must be set to match the frequency of the broadcasting station you desire to hear, the vibrational frequency of your Being must match the frequency of your desire. And we call that the Art of Allowing-that is, allowing what you are asking for. Unless you are in the receiving mode, your questions, even though they have been answered, will seem unanswered to you; your prayers will not seem to be answered, and your desires will not be fulfilled-not because your wishes have not been heard, but because your vibrations are not a match, so you are not letting them in.

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I give and receive – then allow, be the deliberate Creator

I live in Joy. I give and receive.  It is a Universal Law that as you are giving you are already receiving.

I allow, I let things flow to me and through me. I connect to the Power of Intention.  I am disciplined (I practice)  I am wisdom (I seek).  I Surrender without attachment to the goal.

I am happy.

I find the thoughts of relief, and to another thought of good and greater relief one feeling of good and greater feeling, one feeling at a time that makes me feel just a little better, and just a little more better, until I am at the highest vibrational frequency of Joy and Love and Appreciation. When you are angry you cannot think of thoughts of Love, the disparity of the vibrational frequency of anger and the vibrational frequency of love is much too great, too far apart. From anger you must get to the feelings of discouragement, then blame, then worry, to doubt, disappointment, “overwhelment,” frustration, pessimism, boredom, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation/belief, then to enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, passion, then to the highest level of vibrational frequency of Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation. Your emotions are indicators of your vibrational frequency.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe!

If you would like to know more about the Emotional Guidance System or the Tone Scale, please email me at

It is almost 4am in the morning and I will complete the explanation of the Emotional Guidance System at another writing as there are more to this than I expressed above. Needless to say, I have to add that, your emotions are good, they indicate whether you are in alignment with your Source, and how far you are in alignment in how the Source sees you, whole and perfect. The other way of saying it is – your emotions tell you that you are not seeing yourself as the Source sees you, so rejoice in your emotions, it indicates that it is time to get back to the emotion and feeling of Love, Joy, Appreciation …..