Personal Declarations – I am financially free, loving, at peace, strong, healthy, I am

My soul mate and I live in our home, which is also our office, and Yoga-Meditation studio overlooking the Potomac River.

This home has enough parking space for the many people who are attending my Yoga classes and meditation sessions.  My Yoga Studio is in an open area close to nature.The Yoga platform elevates above the tree line, using a system of hydraulics, so that the students and practitioners could see above the trees and have a full view of the River. It is also protected from rain, snow, and heavy storms, and four walls go up silently appearing magically, made of clear strong crash free and flexible acrylic, so we could still practice Yoga amidst nature.  The closer we are to nature, the higher our vibrational frequency (energy and or some calls it life force).

I have all my family and friends with me appreciating this environment. I have an abundant and loving lifestyle.  I have no debt or bills to pay. I earn enough passive income to live my desired lifestyle. My life is luscious and abundant.  Grace and kindness  flow freely in my home.

All my needs are met.

I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am receiving.

I live a loving and harmonious life.  All my needs, wants, and my wishes are spontaneously fulfilled.

I am joyful, loving, healthy, abundant, prosperous, and I am financially free.

I am whole and perfect, strong and powerful, abundant and prosperous, loving and beloved, harmonious, at peace, and oh so very very happy.

Just a note for my readers and followers:

My writings are inspired by Deepak Chopra, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Charles Haanel, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Carlos Castaneda, and many others who are on their spiritual journey, who have contributed to where I am today, in this wonderful time space reality and in this wonderful body.

These writings are my visualizations, creations, appear before my thoughts and created (thoughts are energy, thoughts create) the moment I come out of my daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. If you can think it, the Universe will yield it, no exception, every time, good and bad.  You either allow it or disallow it.

Love Live, Live Love



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My Soul Mate

Intense eyes – deep, sensual, looks at me with loving intensity

Spiritual – with spiritual purposeness, eternally aware of his eternalness 

Kind – talks to me with the power of intention  much like an acorn intends to become a magnificent oak tree built in it

Loving – tells me he loves me or shows me he loves me

Listens – with interest and total understanding

Gentleman – I walk on his side away from traffic and opens the door for me at all times but not just for me, for everyone else too, naturally

Adores – Me and Adores himself

Beautiful – to look at, he is terrific just because he is terrific and for no other reason

Reads – same subject topics

We love going to seminars

Vegetarian – he says we are a alive human beings – we eat alive food – Wow, totally on point!

Loves the outdoors, fun to be with, easy to be with, releases attachment to the outcome,

Full of surprises, finds places off the path to enjoy nature and to just absorb the warm Sunlight

A grateful human being

He says, look up, the Moon is magnificent!

He says, come, smell the roses, isn’t it lovely

Absorbs Life and Peace


We live together and share a home together

I respect and honor him

Appreciates – everything

Grateful – at all times, never endingly eternal

He is passionate about singing.  He loves to sing. 

All I wished is that I could sing and play an instrument. I can dance, but to dance, sing, and play all at the same time is heavenly. 

His voice is deep, heavenly, stirs up your inner soul.

I am forever grateful for the Universe bringing us together, at the perfect time, at the perfect time space realty, in this wonderful Universe, and in this wonderful body

He is perfect health

He is passionate, he is hard as a Rock

He is caring and considerate to all mankind and living things

I love him as I love myself and in alignment with my Source

We travel together in many interesting and exotic places

We create together, we are co-creators

We are flourishing and prospering

We spend summer together in different cities and in our vacation homes in many cities throughout the world

I share all I have with him and he shares all with me

I love him with all my heart and he reciprocates in kind

We are in alignment with our Source and that flows through harmoniously in this physical time space reality

Our sexual interaction is a symbol of co-creative harmony, brings to both of us indescribable pleasure and outside body experience at times

He touches me, my body shivers with pleasure

When we part, I am perpetually in anticipation for the next time we meet again

I allow him to be, the Art of Allowing, he allows me to be

When I say, I know you, you will always make your own decision, he would say I know.  My freedom is all my doing.  It is an agreement.

I get trust, because I give trust, the Law of Reciprocal Exchange.  When you are giving you are already receiving.

We love our Source Being, the Universe, the Tao.  

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