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“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond, Law of Attraction, How to Attract your soul mate, Living a life of Joy, Peace, and Spiritual,
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To My Subscribers and Followers:

My gratitude to you, my readers, subscribers, and followers of my blog for bringing me to this point – one step closer to aligning with my true purpose, and that is to inspire, to create, and to co-create with those of you who are in alignment with my purpose, to truly experiencing a life of wonderment, true peace, and unspeakable Joy.

I am receiving hundreds of comments and requests every day now since January. I will not be able to thank you individually and I am taking this time to let you know my heartfelt gratitude personally for your respect and eagerness to learn more and more about who you truly are.  I appreciate you.  You are whole and perfect, strong and powerful, abundant and prosperous, loving and beloved, harmonious, at peace and so very, very happy.

Thank you for your very inspiring comments, unending encouragement, and emotional support to continue writing. I am grateful.  I am posting about 1 – 2 articles for you a week as the inspiration comes, each article takes about 8-12 hours to write (from a transcendent state), compose, editing and more editing, research, add HTML codes, then finally the posts.

In this 3-dimensional Universe, I am reflecting back to you what you are thinking, desiring, and wanting.  The articles are a reflection of your desires for a more harmonious living and the simple action steps to attain joy, peace, love, understanding, perfect health, abundance, and glorious relationships of your choosing.  I say “We are all Deliberate Creators”. We are creating all the time.  Now you want to be able to design your life your own way.   A desire for a higher awareness of your Being has begun and this heightened awareness causes you to want more and that is very, very good.  Always remembering that you are the creator, and only you can make the choice to Be.  Read on and focus only on what is good for you as you glean through the different articles and the ones that are not in alignment with you will just fall away.  Attention is everything.  Focus only on what you want.  Where your attention is, that is what you are getting. Deliberately create your life. No one is here to force anything home or force anything to happen for you. Life is supposed to be easy. Be present at all times.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, and today is all you have. Let no one choose for you.  You are the One you have been waiting for.


Humanity has awakened to its awareness of pure consciousness state of Being.  How to get there from this culture of mind-full-ness to enlightenment – the first step is lit with your desires, the second step is for you to take — follow your heart, follow your calling. Catherine Fleishman

Some of you are asking where the RSS Feeds and links are, how often I posts, and my other Social Media profiles. I’ve answered them for you here.

You may also download a PDF file, it is easier to visual tool:

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Under the picture are links for Pages. They are similar to Posts. I just used Pages to give you an easy to get to articles so you don’t feel you have to scroll down to get to my postings.

Below the links to different Pages (articles too, same as Posts) is the Title of the Article, (this is the most recent Posts if you are on the home page and below the Header Picture. To the right of the Title is a call out button, clicking this call out button will reveal a Leave a Reply box, in which you can leave me a comment.

There are Navigation Links to the Side Bar at Far Right. You can’t get to these Links unless you actually go to the home page.

To get to the Home Page you must type in the URL: Then go to the side bar at far right.

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