Savor this Day of Romance and Pleasure

30-Days – A Story of a Great Relationship

A Day of Romance, Savor this Day of Romance and Pleasure

I waited to tell him the good news. Any minute he would enter the door. I await with anticipation, elated with the pleasure of his reaction. I am now seated on the floor resting on my legs and ankles. My spine cascaded over the floor, head bowed with reverent anticipation. I see him with my eyes closed entering through the door with respectful silence. His shadow now beaming on the floor in front of me. I looked up, my body still folded. I tell him the good news, then I closed my eyes to hear him through my sixth sense. With his booming voice penetrating heaven and earth, he exclaimed, “great girl.” “Thank you Universe.” “It is time, the right time.”

My eyes now filled with tears, streaking down my cheekbones, flooding my eyes. He offers his hands and outstretched arms to come to him. He lifts me up – straight up until his arms are long and I matched his strength. Now, I am up in the air, looking down at him, his face fully smiling, he bends his arms, swoosh, my legs are wrapped around his waistline and hips. I matched his intention as I wrapped my ankles to secure the pose – flood gates opened – and I gushed! I am bathed completely in the pleasure, then he turns, and turns, and turns, me around and now exhilarated with the energy flowing enveloping us. I am giggling with a full smile, ear-to-ear, tears still flooding my eyes with happiness and joy. I am thinking how I so much love this man God gave to me. I manifested him in 30 days. Every single day, for thirty days, I talked with him only with his set of eyes. I did not know him but he appeared in my meditation, wanting so much to experience a great relationship with a companion and now we are in full alignment in love with life and of living.

The moment takes us on the floor – full of joy and we hugged for hours, his hands caressing my hair infinitely until we both fell asleep.

We awakened many hours later, now dusk, without any words spoken. We packed the cooler with a bottle of pinot noir and aged gouda cheese, whole wheat bread, and luscious fruits. We drove towards sunset, looking for the highest spot, the highest peak with the view of the expansive sky now with the Sun and the peeking Moon, sharing the same sky, together above us. He spreads the blanket. He wraps me in his arms. We are both facing the sky – his heat warming my skin and body. I am still wet and gushing knowing fully well that the pleasure is just beginning and there’s so much more ahead. He will exact from me more pleasures until he is ready and I am spent with pleasurable anticipation.

He sat me down and I prepared to sit in my meditation pose. I am silently savoring the moment. We are silent, speaking to each other only with our minds. We are aware and had been together for a couple of years so we are in alignment and know each other’s body language speaking only through our eyes.

He prepared the ground – his energy penetrating through me as I am able to experience his energy through the sixth sense alone, a heightened sensation. He opens the bottle of wine and we shared the moment eating only from his hands. He would slice the cheese and with hand-torned bread, he would offer it to me. My mouth opened, my eyes softly closed, I received it gratefully. I would savor each bite with so much pleasure, so much gratefulness for this moment. It seemed only a moment ago that I imagined this moment, thanking my Universe for this gift, the power of thought.

We all have an ideal scene – first began in our thoughts – now I am experiencing it in this time space reality. I am a deliberate creator of my own experiences because of my thoughts and I agreed to it.

Just imagine this.

Now with all energies spent and accepting the moment with total agreement, we fell asleep side-by-side, on my right, he wrapped his arms around me, caressing, touching every inch of my body, feeling the wetness, lingering there. He puts his fingers to my mouth so I can taste our shared body fluids. It was clean tasting, pure and sweet, letting it linger longer in my tongue and mouth to savor it fully. I looked up at the sky before I fully closed the window to this beautiful blue planet Earth.

There above us – a deep blue midnight sky, sequined with bright twinkling stars. I feel my heart beat surge for the beauty of this planet is enthralling. The moon full, bright and she is smiling over us, over each one of us, wishing us a deep slumber. Our bodies preparing to renew for the new day, just only hours away. We fall asleep – the meteors and stars falling creating an array of fireworks. We awakened early to the softness of the pastel sky drawn in subtle hues of the rainbow colors – hues of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos and violets – drawn expansively around us with the top of the Sun just behind the pastel clouds. I blinked once to make sure we are still on planet Earth. Sensing his movements, he drew me closer to him, fitting together like spoon and fork, his body and heat urging me to come much closer to him. I am aware of our heartbeat merging penetrating both of us, my chest heaving less now, we fell deeply asleep, deeply in love, deeply grateful for this most pleasurable, most innocent, pure positive energy experience – a day of a blissful life on this blue planet beneath the big blue above.


Love Live, Live Love


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