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Just a note for my readers and followers:

I remember growing up when life was simple. I went to school, read, did homework and just recently, one of my sisters reminded me that I was so studious and so special and so different than my siblings that I was not even expected to help in the household chores.  I was left to my interests.  I don’t remember that, I was content and happy.  I do remember that I loved to read, science fiction, was my favorite topic.  Door into Summer is a science fiction novel by Robert Heinlein. He wrote it in 13 days. It is a fast-paced hard science fiction (lots of scientific and technical details) novel, with a key fantastic element and romantic elements.

I give you the link here if you want to get a synopsis of the story:

I would get lost in my reading and I enjoyed every moment. My door into the brilliant minds of science fiction writers led me to writing short stories which I would send to Readers Digest. I have no recollection of my writings because I was way too young to even have any sense of ego or pride.  I just knew I was inspired to write. And I did.

Then I discovered gymnastics and I had a thrilling life. I remember getting exhilarated to project my body into space at the capable hands of a Russian coach. She loved me and always put me in the center and I would walk to show everyone else what a perfect posture looked like. To this day, I never left my gymnastic body, thinking like an athlete all my life. I have a saying, once an athlete, always an athlete. Then too, I loved my vegetables.  I ate them first. Later in my adult life,  I met my soul mate (did not know then) that he was the one. We met at a Millionnaire Mind seminar by T. Harv Eker. (Note: At another writing, I will tell you about how to attract your soul mate).  A group of us decide to share lunch on our break at a nearby restaurant in Arlington. I watched him order vegetables for lunch and made no big deal of it.  While the rest of us ordered our normal food with plenty of meat dishes to choose from.   He said, “we are alive human beings, we need alive food”.  Ok, that was impressive.  It struck me,  deep within my soul and with that feeling took me back to my childhood years remembering how my mouth would water just thinking of eating the beautiful colorful vegetables in front of me as if it is happening to me at that moment.  (Then I closed my eyes, thinking who is this man?)  My sisters, of course, would roll their eyes, thinking I am trying to get my mothers love and attention.  “Hey Mikey, give it to Cathy, she’ll eat it”, half teasing me.  So my life was simple then.  Shibumi, a Japanese word for simple perfection.  Reading, doing homework, eating my vegetables first, practicing a rigorous amount of gymnastics which continued through to the weekend training for competition.  I was happy.  Monday morning, of course,  the nurses are expecting me through the door, my bed ready, covered with fresh bed sheets,  they know I would say I am sick (well, exhausted), and they would let me rest and sleep.  And I would dream of a happy healthy body floating in white sheets.  I was an athlete princess.  Shibumi, it is.

Back to my intention to write this note to you.  My writings are inspired by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Charles Haanel, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Carlos Castaneda, and many others who are on their spiritual journey, who have contributed to where I am today, in this wonderful time space reality, in this wonderful blue planet Earth, in this wonderful Universe, and in this wonderful body.

These writings are my imaginations, visualizations, creations, appearing before me in my thoughts and create glorious experiences  (thoughts are energy, thoughts create) the moment I come out of my daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.  I remember I imagined a video game, so real,  so vivid,  that I felt I was in the video game. Another instance of truly magnificent visualization is when I had just finished my meditation and I walked around the lake and what appear in my mind is a detailed marketing system for real estate using the hotels as a medium for showcasing the homes. Well, If you can think it, the Universe will yield it, no exception, every time.

Charles Haanel in his book, The Master Key System, differentiates between imagination and visualization.   If you would like a pdf copy of this book, please email me or send me a reply at the bottom of this page.

To know more about TM (Transcendental Meditation),  go to and there is a link on a 40-minute introductory video on TM.  Should you decide you would like to learn TM, please send me a reply at the bottom of this page and I can help you get started for a free introductory lesson.

Love Live, Live Love

PS: Most of the book I read maybe available at, it is no longer a free download, but if you have a book, an article, or handbook, you can upload and share with the scribd community and you receive a 24-hour pass to upload as many documents as you want.

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