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I wake up to the magnificence of God.  It is 4am. My library faces the east and ocean.  God’s magnificence calls me to my waiting writing table.  The writing pads alive gleefully ready for the words that will flow from my pen.

I look around me and I see and feel the luxurious surrounding of my home. The sofas and chairs are made of luxurious smoothest silk and supple leather.The rugs come from the silkiest silk from the best rug houses of Asia and Europe.  The leather comes from the village of the greatest tanner in the world.

Everywhere I look the things and surroundings vibrate with vibrant colors of red and black, brown and beige of pink hues and purples of all intensities.

They are of magnificent beauty.    I pull the curtains to reveal the gardens to my right. The garden of elegant beauty pulsates with flowers radiating with so much energy and life.

I breathe it all in, deeply.

I taste the dew from my palm and fingers.  It is sweet and nourishing to all my senses.

I hear the hum of the bees as it descends on each luxuriant petals oh so ready to share its delicious nectar.

Soon I will be walking back to my writing table. I linger a little longer in the gardens.  I walk through the verdant ground of moss illuminated by the morning glow of the sun still way below the other side of our blue planet, the thick soft grass surrendering to the bottom of my feet. I feel the verdant flooring bow to receive my presence. And my feet eager to connect with every blade of grass, feeling the moist warm covering of the earth. I am grateful.

This is holy ground.

A holy encounter.

A moment of magnificent Joy,

All my senses alive.  I take in a full breath and exhale softly easily and completely.

This is wealth.

All my needs are met

I feel my belly, now my mouth waters.  Soon the luscious fruits of perfect ripeness will appear before me.

Every morning the neighborhood fruit store delivers fresh fruit from all the forests in the world to my doorsteps. I will hear them approach the driveway and hear the motor stop at the entrance. The workers will remove each crate from the truck and walk to my kitchen door.

I can smell the sweetness of the flavors as it gets closer to me.  The door ready for me to open and delight my eyes and senses.

I am abundant and prosperous.

The Universe is supporting me in everything I do.  What I dream about I get, instantaneously.

I love my life.

I love my body.

I am grateful for everything I have and all that I am receiving.

I am happy.

I am wealthy.

And now I approach my prayer sanctuary.  It is filled with luxurious pillows of different softness and firmness, of shapes and sizes.

I bow to the floor and feel the sacredness of the moment.  My kiss, reverent.

My lover and soul mate awaits me. We share the same passion for holiness and aliveness.

I bow to him and he returns my bow, lingering to savor the moment of perfect oneness.

He held out his arms, outstretched as he approach me.  He held my hands and rubbed my fingers and palms as if to awaken me and I return his act of kindness, lovingly.  His hands firm and with deliberate intent. I can feel these hands as he has many times, used his hands, finger joints, to caress me to bring me to ecstatic pleasure and I would surrender freely with a scream of joyful grateful acceptance.  I am grateful.  I love him. I surrender to him with all my love. God, my Universe is generous to me.  My soul mate is with me.  I am loved.  I am love.  I am beloved.  And now we take this time to join with our Universe in our eternalness ready to receive more blessings of love, health, and abundance.

Our meditation is blissful and of complete Joy.

It is glorious here.

I am very, very happy.

I love it here very much.

I love being here.

There’s so much to experience, so much to be grateful for.

I hear the chime as the soft wind every morning passing by my sanctuary to signal the birth of the morning sun as it peaks through the horizon with a ribbon display of colors.

Ahh, it must also be time for the horses to awaken.   I can feel the eagerness of the horses as they freely open the gate to greet the verdant luxurious meadow. Like me, they are hungry.

I temper the feelings of hunger because there’s so much more to experience and be grateful for.

It is only 5am.  And the writing pads await the inspired words from God.  I feel the warmth of my body merge with my soul mate.  I feel the surging urge to caress him and send him a gentle nudge to caress me.

I feel his burgeoning presence.  I love him and he loves me.  I am happy and grateful.

The presence of God is everywhere.  In my body, in my senses, in the ether, and the more I tried to put in words to describe His presence, the harder it is to explain for our language covers only the material tangible things of this physical environment.  The presence of God cannot be quantified, measured, or contained, or hampered.  It is.  The only thing we can do is cultivate an awareness of His Presence everywhere, in everything, in anything, and in me, in you, and in everyone.

This is Bliss.

This is Love.

This is Life.

And this is my gift for you.

And this is my wish for you.

And I am eager for more!

Love Live, Live Love


 Word Clearing from


: great in deed or exalted in place  : marked by stately grandeur and lavishness

: sumptuous in structure and adornment  : strikingly beautiful or impressive

: impressive to the mind or spirit  : exceptionally

: sublime  – (a (1) : to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor (2) : to render finer (as in purity or excellence) b : to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth.


: true, : simple,  plain <in very truth>  : exact, precise : exactly suitable or necessary <the very thing for the purpose>

: absolute : special, particular


: green in tint or color  : green with growing plants <verdant fields>


: of the finest and richest kind



: complete happiness  :paradise :heaven


Bliss (my definition from experience; as defined by science;  you will experience it to when you decide to experience TM, it’s like you are in 4 hours of bumper to bumper traffic from Frederick to Baltimore in morning rush hour, and you are still blissful)  see below:

 : the state of transcendence – beyond thought, beyond the thinking, thinking relative level of existence (in abstract terms compared to the ocean, the top of the ocean where it is turbulent),

: arises from the absolute level of existence where the laws of nature begin, outside of the physical realm, experiences arising from the Quantum foam, (in abstract terms compared to the ocean, the bottomest most quietest part of the ocean where the big waves come from).

: the absolute field, some people refer to it as the Zero-(point)field, or the vacuum state,

Here’s the reference from Wikipedia:

In quantum field theory, the vacuum state (also called the vacuum) is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. Generally, it contains no physical particles. Zero-point field is sometimes used as a synonym for the vacuum state of an individual quantized field.

According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is “by no means a simple empty space”,[1] and again: “it is a mistake to think of any physical vacuum as some absolutely empty void.”[2] According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.[3][4][5]

My comments:  here is where I write from (the Quantum foam, no activity, silent and yet powerful, you are fully awake here too).  Where your thoughts are most powerful.  In this foam, you focus your thoughts and you begin to create and stir the minutest particles of existence.  As your nervous systems gets unstressed now you are ready where your waking state rises to the relative level, here our level of thinking is less and less powerful, cluttered by material physical things (solids), of low vibrational frequencies such as TVs and Radios). 

 You want to write a script for a movie, do TM.  It works, ask Clint Eastwood. 

 For more info: go to: (prepare for a 40-minute introductory video on TM at the top of the page, put your feet up, make popcorn, and enjoy
Or go to the

 By the way, I was driving home today coming from Rockville and this church off Montrose Road has this neon scrolling sign that said “You can buy luxury with money but you cannot by happiness (with money)”.  Hmmmn.

Word Clearing from

Gratefulness – the state of appreciation of benefits received

Love – My definition (a partial list) I had to put a paragraph line space here as my comments are long and I want for you to enjoy reading it.  Love is the most popular topics there is in this Universe, followed by health then wealth.

: a verb, not noun,

: a description of Affinity in gradience scale – from high to low and in between, from like to love, Kybalion thinking, it is on the same pole of existence – If one end of the pole is hate and the opposite end of the same pole is love – where does hate, like, and love begin and end on this pole of existence.

: affinity also means you can occupy the same space and still have affinity for each other, try to be with any one in close proximity 24 hours a day for a week, if you are not in love, you will be in a different state.   Then you can say it does not fall into this definition, you have work to do, but allow each other to be, don’t change anyone now.  But you can change.

: can be cultivated,

: you can love without expecting anything in return,

: but love, anyway, it could only improve your relationship.

: highest vibrational frequency similar to Joy, Appreciation, Gratefulness, Knowledge, Empowerment

: if you would like a copy of the Emotional Guidance System from the Ask and it Given book written by Jerry and Esther Hicks, please leave me a reply and I will email you a pdf copy.

: the character of Jesus Christ

: 1 Corinthians 13:5   (your research)  Any version of the Bible will work. If you don’t have one please leave me a reply.

Send me your comments then sign up for my e-newsletter. Thank you.  Namaste

See you in 2012


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