Declations – I am

I am Eternal Youth

I am Free

I am All Love

I am Joy

I am Powerful

I am Perfect Health

What I think about I experience, instantly

I am the Creator of my Life

I am changing lives and adding value on spiritual, financial, and social freedom of many all over the world through my personal coaching, training, and speaking engagements.

My books teaches to live life without attachment to the outcome.

I do what it takes, I study, practice, and I learn the skills desirable to effect change in people’s lives.

I will learn, I will Love, I will Live in Joy!

I am knowledge, I am Joy, I am Love, I Live Love!!

Thank You Thank You, Thank you, My Universe


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Love and Live on Purpose

This book contains the inspired writings of a woman torn between the dichotomy of a world of Doingness, Havingness and Beingness.
In this book, Catherine expresses her joy of living in a result-oriented world, where reality is seeing in physical form.
She teaches Yoga and spirituality. She practices Transcendental Meditation, a key component of living a blissful life.  She is also a student and practitioner of the Laws of the Universe.  A grateful student of the Law of Attraction, the highest of all Laws, she expresses her elation and eagerness for living a life of contrast and deliberate creation while allowing others to be, to do, and to have, the Art of Allowing.  She believes that the only thing need to be corrected is when she is not in alignment with her Source.

Joy, Love, and Happiness are states of consciousness and is not dependent on the possessions of “10,000 things”, as Lao Tsu describes this physical space time reality.

Respect, appreciation, and gratefulness are the qualities she touches on. No matter how small or significant, these qualities transcends a life of absolute bliss, the highest quality of consciousness rarely experienced in this highly-result-oriented world of work and action driven social structure.

In this book are her day-to-day lessons of living a life of purpose.

Always searching and aware of divine guidance, she fuses and threads real life events, desires, and wishes, to a life of oneness in a Universe where distraction and confusion is a daily reality.

This book propels you to transcend negativity by a daily practice and awareness of appreciation and gratefulness, moment by moment.

How to go from confusion to clarity to deliberately create what you are wanting and desiring is contained in this book.

Catherine wishes for you much pleasure and love to truly experiencing unending unspeakable Joy.

For more guidance on deliberately creating a Joyful, Blissful life go to:

Under my group Love and Live on Purpose click on Photos and read the captions, your guide  to deliberate creation

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I am looking forward for my day to unfold, lost cell phone

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

I have much to re-learn.  I am re-reading the Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer for the the third time.  I am looking forward for my day to unfold.  The eagerness of what is to come is so delicious and I can savor it in my tongue.  I am practicing the 7 Faces of Intention from this book.  The 7 Faces of Intention are:

1) Creativity
2) Kindness
3) Love
4) Beauty
5) Expansion
6) Unlimited Abundance
7) Receptivity

This third book in my hand now,  I bought and I gave it to this lady from Australia.  Here’s the story.

Well, I got my pedicure and I sat at the drying table, my foot propped up on this long footstool tooled with drying fans and heated lamps as wide as 5 ladies sitting facing each other with their toes drying.  Anyway I was reading and this lady beside me starts to lean over towards me to read the book with me and so I asked her if she wanted me to read aloud for her.  She nodded.  So I read aloud enough for her to hear and mindful of everyone else at the table, a natural thing for me to do.  Thought nothing of it.  Then this woman started to sob.  I was reading this chapter on this boy, Shaya, (you really must read the whole story) who wanted to be in the game but he had some physical challenges, most of the boys in school would not want him on their team, but if he was chosen to play it would give him a sense of belonging, his father thought. “In Brooklyn, New York, Chush is a school that caters to learning-disabled children.” (Be sure to see the Reference section at the bottom of this page.)

Then the story unfolded that now Shaya has a bat in his hand (his father had asked one of the boys on the field and asked if Shaya could play) and ready to bat. The team was losing by 6 runs and the game is in the eighth inning, and now he is on the field, bat in hand, at the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs and bases loaded. “Shaya didn’t know how to hold the bat properly and would not know how to hit it either, so giving the bat to Shaya at this juncture;” well you might as well give away their chance of winning. The next pitch and he misses, the pitcher sort of came closer to him so he could lob the ball softly and give him a chance to make contact with the ball, one of his teammate too came to aid Shaya and together they held the bat waiting for the next pitch, the pitcher came another step closer, lob the ball, and Shaya and the teammate, together swung the bat and there goes a ground ball. And now the crowd is on their feet, but they are shouting his name to go run, run, run, now both teams are rooting for him, they got the picture of what the pitcher was orchestrating, players running after him almost dancing like ballerinas in slow motion, (my own rendition of the scene, but you get the picture), the pitcher threw the ball on a high arc to right field way beyond the first baseman. The players are screaming, “Shaya, run to second base,” “Shaya run to third base,” the players on both side pointing and guiding him home, “Shaya run home.” Well,

“Shaya ran home, stepped on home plate, and all 18 boys lifted him on their shoulders and made him the hero, as he had just hit a “grand slam” and won the game for his team.”

“That day,” said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, “those 18 boys reached their level of God’s perfection.”

So you can see why this lady besides me is now sobbing with Joy. I asked her, “would you like to take the book, please have it, really, thank you, please take it with you and read and enjoy it”. So she sobbed and nodded and took the book with her. My toes are dry, her eyes are dry, her toes are dry, everybody else’s toes were dry, the next set of ladies are taking over our seats, and with a smile on her face waved goodbye to me. I waved goodbye. The first book I lent to a friend, even forgot who I gave it too, so I bought a second one. That disappeared too, someone borrowed it. I did not get it back. So anyway, whenever I lose things, whoever has it must need it more than me. I don’t really have attachment to things. I would leave my belongings on tables and chairs or wherever my body is and I would leave or go to the bathroom and leave my belonging where it was. If I am not wearing it, I would have no attachment to it. My friends would ask, aren’t you afraid someone would take it, I would answer “No,” they must need it so they can have it. Anyway, I never really lost a thing.

I went to Las Vegas one year with a group of people and I left my cell phone in the back of the taxi that drove us to the hotel. I did not know I had left it until I was 20 minutes in line to check into my hotel room.  I started to look for my cell and could not find it.  I remembered the last time I had it was in the cab.  So I ran to go back to the lobby door where the taxi driver dropped me off. I saw the same taxi cab, same driver, and I approached him to let him know he has my cell phone.  He said he did not have my cell phone and I responded “Yes you do have my cell phone and I will show you”, I proceeded to open the back door and there it was under his seat, I sat behind him I remember.  With a big relief showing on his face, “you are lucky, I had already picked up another passenger, drove back to the airport picked up a passenger and drove back here” (in his lovely Indian accent). I said “Thank you”.  Of course, it was no surprise to me that my cell phone was there.  I had no doubt he had it. This is a magnificent Universe. The Universe is supporting me in everything I do.  I love my life!

I will tell you of another story in DC in another blog where I left my cell in back of a taxi cab, again.  Alright no use waiting I might as well share it here.  Same theme – lost cell phone.

I had just finished an early breakfast meeting and took this taxi cab to my H Street NW office in DC.  I left my cell phone on the back seat of this taxi cab. As soon as I entered the building I fumbled for my phone in my pocket.  Darn these designers of women’s suits.  I have no pockets. Men have pockets, why don’t women suits have any pockets.  I guess our hips and waistline must be smooth and trimmed or maybe I need to change my designer. Oh where oh where is Michael Kors?  Ok, I am now a bit embarrassed as this is not my first time to leave a cell phone inside the cab.  Well, as usual I wasn’t worried. I said it will turned up.  I will get it back.  I had to get a loaner phone in the meantime as I did not make a note of the cab’s name or the cab driver’s name and there was no way to track this phone.  I did not wait though. It was easy to get another phone. I always find ways to get another one.  A week goes by, nothing, no cell phone.  I was not worried. It will show up. I did not even try to conjure a story of how it would return to me. It was not my job.  It was the Universe’s job.  My job is just to be happy, expect, and receive.  Two and half weeks passed.  I got a phone call from my boss and he said there’s a taxi cab driver here who has your phone and I said, “great, could you thank him for me”, he said “Ok but he wants $25”, I said “could you give it to him please and find out why it took him two weeks”.  I text him, my business partner text him to make sure to call back as soon as he finds it. A few moments of silence as this taxi cab driver tells the reason to my boss.  My boss gets back on the phone and here’s the story.  “Well, the driver found the phone a week later when he was cleaning the cab and so the battery was dead.  It took him another week to find a cab driver with the same phone as you to charge your phone.  And he called right away when the phone turned on”.Well, alright, good story.  Please let him know how much I appreciate it”.  There my phone is back, not lost. By the way, while in the process of manifesting, I did not call people nor told the story about my lost cell phone, I did not do a blog, or facebooked anyone, because if I did my phone will be in perpetuity, unfound, uncharged, and unreturned to me.  Old as this phone was, I just saw it in my desk drawer, preserved.

Focus only on what you want and what you want you get.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe

Love Live, Live Love



The story of Shaya can be found in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention, under 2.) Kindness toward others on page 44-47.

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Wow, What a Day! Thank Goodness for Cell Phones and Starbucks!

I was on the phone arranging a meeting with a colleague, 9:30 am Starbucks, Rio, then.  Ok.  Then it was moved to Montgomery Village Holiday Inn, then another call later, moved again to Rio Starbucks. Fine, all is well.

Picked up a friend and drove her to the Judicial Court, Rockville, in the meantime.

This gentleman followed me to my car and gave me his telephone number – he said he was a commercial real estate agent looking for a broker to hang his license.  He must have been listening in our conversations, Starbucks is the new golf course for the masses, unfortunately, space is limited, and we have the pavement in front instead of grass.  Starbuck’s corporate color is green, though, if that counts. But no matter, I do not attract danger or bad meetings, it is not in my vocabulary nor in my thinking.

I was in a hurry to pick up my friend from the courthouse, so I hurriedly handed him my business card so we can talk later and we would setup a meeting the following day.

Later in the afternoon, a friend called me to meet him in Rockville. He wanted to show me something that might be of interest to me – he didn’t know what it would be but he had a feeling –  I only attract good things, so I went with the flow of it — when the Universe presents me with something – I do not question, since these experiences are all my thinking. I am making them happen, it’s as simple as that. On an aside, a friend told me that a movie was similar to my thinking, the main character in this movie, types and what he is typing is what is happening.  Can anyone help me what the name of the movie is?

Stopped at a bank to open an account – 5% interest at end of year and can be linked to an account and become the overdraft account.

Met with the friend in Rockville, Starbucks, of course, thank goodness, I don’t drink coffee, just like it for the habit.  I used to work for this mortgage company when I was in my teens and I watch these older women drink them all day long so I sort of want to be part of the group so I bought coffee with them. We would walk back to work not too far, and they would walk ahead of me and I would hang in the back following them from behind. As the years go by I noticed something, these ladies were going wider in front of me, a very striking change in their physique – I got distracted – anyway cups of coffee hangs around me through the following day as I sip them all day – since it is a habit to have it around me to be accepted – drinking it was not the habit, again thank goodness.  I’d be a walking caffeine body.  Since I am on the subject of coffee and Starbucks, which my business partner coined the “new golf course” where business is done and Apple IMACs, laptops, mortgage brokers, retired people and young adults, runners, mothers with babies on strollers, dogs outside, and business suits abound.  Well it took me 2 years to accept and pay over $1.50 for coffee, it became a real nice place to hangout though. I think if it were me, I would place the Starbucks managers and Baristas on top of everyone’s favorite people list because these nice people behind the counter can remember everybody’s favorite coffee the description of which is two paragraphs long, well No, not as long as L. Ron Hubbard’s award winning longest sentence ever.

Alright, truly distracted here, back to Rockville’s Starbucks.  Met with a friend, told him about my Las Vegas and New Orleans project now totaling about $2BB which he thought matched what he was doing – he is an artist, impressionist, and draws Harper’s Ferry serigraphs, oil paintings etc.  We proceeded to walk downtown Rockville and he introduced me to the director of the local art museum. They want me to help in fundraising. He showed me a list of wealthy individuals to call for this fundraising.

So the following day met with this guy about hanging his license with me. He is 6″3″, tall and beautiful, etc., corner back, Eagles 3 years, Cleveland Brown 1 year.  We talked. We just talked alright.  He met a few of my Soul mate’s positive aspect list. This is the Universe saying “see what I manifested for you” and I would go “you are getting close, thank you, thank you, thank you”. 

Same day.  Met with another colleague at 11am and I was hungry and looked for a place to eat.  A woman told us a great breakfast joint around the corner and ended up a false lead.  We ended up in Starbucks (again)!  My phone had rung twice from a 407 area code. By 11:30 am the phone rang again so I picked it up.  It was a funding source to fund all my projects. I am grateful.

We secured a conference room at the new library – a very beautiful room, glass walled and mahogany desk and chairs. We took the call here from the principals of the two projects and secured the agreement to accept.   The Universe allowed me to experience this and the details was not my doing.  This is a two digit double capital $BBs day.

Not over yet!

Later in the evening I received another call from another funding source, through structured funding and hedge funds, offering more money for my projects. This is the day of all days!  True experience of what it would be like to get funded. Eagerness and elated feeling, really.

Wow, What A Day or Two!

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe!


Patience, busyness, desires, seeking, and doingness

It came to me again. I patiently waited for the manifestations of my desires. It came to me that it would be really nice if my desires should flow to me as the steward of this abundance that I may access it freely and give to those who need and desire it.  It would be really nice and so here’s my new desire for the Universe, the Invisible Force that permeates throughout the Cosmos. This same Invisible Force beats your heart and mine.  It would be really nice to provide Joyful experiences to planet Earth so that the people may know what they want to know and know what they don’t want.

Today I met with two business colleagues regarding the New Orleans project.  Many questions were asked as the do-ability and reality of this project.  No one wants to be the pioneer.  Many questions were asked as who deserves what. Who controls which and why. Downtown New Orleans still has many activities, downtown is still alive, the Superdome is still being used.  I will be going there to meet with people.

The Universe has the answers to all our questions.  The Universe reveals to us the solutions for the fruition of any project or endeavor. The exact amount of funding will be provided. The right people will show up. The Universe will provide at the right time, at the right place with just the right people when everyone is harmoniously align with their true Source and that the only thing we need to correct is our feeling of separation from our Source.

There was much to do and many activities to participate in today.  A friend and I went to the Baltimore Comedy Central and we had plenty of laugh and laughter.

There was a listing agreement to complete, confidentiality agreement to prepare, study for the DC broker’s license exam, pick up my daughter from a friend’s house, take the other to the Orthodontist, go to the Org, meet with friends at the Hyatt, meet with more people at the Business Expansion Club, etc.

It is a beautiful day and there’s much to accomplish.

Then I realized something, I am bewildered, the vibrational frequency of patience might be similar to tolerating, I thought … not a vibration you want to be in. I wonder what Abraham Hicks would say.  I must learn to replace patience with “it is already here” ..

I am not seeking because I know, I will not strive or strain because I am guided .. This is the Universal Mind.


I give and receive – then allow, be the deliberate Creator

I live in Joy. I give and receive.  It is a Universal Law that as you are giving you are already receiving.

I allow, I let things flow to me and through me. I connect to the Power of Intention.  I am disciplined (I practice)  I am wisdom (I seek).  I Surrender without attachment to the goal.

I am happy.

I find the thoughts of relief, and to another thought of good and greater relief one feeling of good and greater feeling, one feeling at a time that makes me feel just a little better, and just a little more better, until I am at the highest vibrational frequency of Joy and Love and Appreciation. When you are angry you cannot think of thoughts of Love, the disparity of the vibrational frequency of anger and the vibrational frequency of love is much too great, too far apart. From anger you must get to the feelings of discouragement, then blame, then worry, to doubt, disappointment, “overwhelment,” frustration, pessimism, boredom, contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation/belief, then to enthusiasm/eagerness/happiness, passion, then to the highest level of vibrational frequency of Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation. Your emotions are indicators of your vibrational frequency.

Thank You Thank You Thank You My Universe!

If you would like to know more about the Emotional Guidance System or the Tone Scale, please email me at

It is almost 4am in the morning and I will complete the explanation of the Emotional Guidance System at another writing as there are more to this than I expressed above. Needless to say, I have to add that, your emotions are good, they indicate whether you are in alignment with your Source, and how far you are in alignment in how the Source sees you, whole and perfect. The other way of saying it is – your emotions tell you that you are not seeing yourself as the Source sees you, so rejoice in your emotions, it indicates that it is time to get back to the emotion and feeling of Love, Joy, Appreciation …..

It would be so nice when my true soulmate appears in front of me saying:

“Follow Catherine Your Source of Inspiration for 2012 and Beyond”

Hello, Hi, how are you? I’ve been waiting for you.  I am single, spiritual just like you, I am exactly the look you like, I am tall, with intense deep sensual eyes.  I am vegetarian and I am financially free.  I have high integrity work ethics. I am a great partner in all aspects of our lives together. I love going to seminars and learning. I love taking notes, it is important to re-read at anytime I wish.  I practice Yoga (union of mind body and spirit) and I pray morning, night, and throughout the day.  I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am receiving.  You can call my prayers similar to your practice of Transcendental Meditation.  I love to play tennis and I love walking the tow path, I just love to walk to unwind.  And it would be nice to find a home overlooking the Potomac River. I love to travel. I enjoy great food, wine, music, and love the co-creative experience of bliss in our lovemaking.  I love bread pudding too.  Come live with me and together we will keep each other happy, eager for more joyful and exhilarating experiences to define our own individual creative preferences.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Be mine and I will be yours in this lifetime.

You are free to be who you are, go where you want to go, experience what you want and wish. Love and be free to be do and have your heart’s desires. I respect your constant alignment with Source. I wish for you to experience unending, outrageous, unspeakable Joy!

I love you, my Catherine.

PS: Email me for a pdf copy of The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel Ruiz, a great read!, or click leave a reply

Love you all!


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My Soul Mate

Intense eyes – deep, sensual, looks at me with loving intensity

Spiritual – with spiritual purposeness, eternally aware of his eternalness 

Kind – talks to me with the power of intention  much like an acorn intends to become a magnificent oak tree built in it

Loving – tells me he loves me or shows me he loves me

Listens – with interest and total understanding

Gentleman – I walk on his side away from traffic and opens the door for me at all times but not just for me, for everyone else too, naturally

Adores – Me and Adores himself

Beautiful – to look at, he is terrific just because he is terrific and for no other reason

Reads – same subject topics

We love going to seminars

Vegetarian – he says we are a alive human beings – we eat alive food – Wow, totally on point!

Loves the outdoors, fun to be with, easy to be with, releases attachment to the outcome,

Full of surprises, finds places off the path to enjoy nature and to just absorb the warm Sunlight

A grateful human being

He says, look up, the Moon is magnificent!

He says, come, smell the roses, isn’t it lovely

Absorbs Life and Peace


We live together and share a home together

I respect and honor him

Appreciates – everything

Grateful – at all times, never endingly eternal

He is passionate about singing.  He loves to sing. 

All I wished is that I could sing and play an instrument. I can dance, but to dance, sing, and play all at the same time is heavenly. 

His voice is deep, heavenly, stirs up your inner soul.

I am forever grateful for the Universe bringing us together, at the perfect time, at the perfect time space realty, in this wonderful Universe, and in this wonderful body

He is perfect health

He is passionate, he is hard as a Rock

He is caring and considerate to all mankind and living things

I love him as I love myself and in alignment with my Source

We travel together in many interesting and exotic places

We create together, we are co-creators

We are flourishing and prospering

We spend summer together in different cities and in our vacation homes in many cities throughout the world

I share all I have with him and he shares all with me

I love him with all my heart and he reciprocates in kind

We are in alignment with our Source and that flows through harmoniously in this physical time space reality

Our sexual interaction is a symbol of co-creative harmony, brings to both of us indescribable pleasure and outside body experience at times

He touches me, my body shivers with pleasure

When we part, I am perpetually in anticipation for the next time we meet again

I allow him to be, the Art of Allowing, he allows me to be

When I say, I know you, you will always make your own decision, he would say I know.  My freedom is all my doing.  It is an agreement.

I get trust, because I give trust, the Law of Reciprocal Exchange.  When you are giving you are already receiving.

We love our Source Being, the Universe, the Tao.  

Do you want to know more how to attract your soulmate?